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Sea Level Rise

No description

Jon Grossman

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of Sea Level Rise

How does it relate to climate change?
Sea Level Rise
Forcing, Drivers, and Feedback
Jon Grossman and Alex Leftheris
By Jon Grossman
and Alex Leftheris
What is Sea Level rise and how does it effect the Earth?
Sea levels worldwide have been rising at a rate 0.14 inches per year
The trend, linked to global warming puts thousands of islands and cities at risk
Core samples and other observations tell us that over the past 100 years sea levels have risen 4 to 8 inches
However, over the past 20 years, the rate at which the sea level rose has doubled
Sea levels are rising because of many reasons. One is that a lot of polar ice caps are melting which adds more water to the ocean, which makes the sea level rise.
Pretty much, the warmer the earth gets, the more ice melts, and the higher the sea level is.
Also, sea levels rise due to thermal expansion. Thermal expeansion is when water takes up more space due to warmer water. When water gets warmer, it expands. This means higher sea levels.
The global sea level rising is a forcing. The global warming is the driver. The earth warming up is creating an enviormment in which ice caps melting and thermal expansion are possible making sea levels rise. The feedback is the concern of scientists who are afraid major cities like New York,Miami and Venice, Italy could be wiped out by this phenomena.
Sea Level Rise Video-
Watch 0:00-2:55
Sea Level Rise National Geographic Article
More facts about Sea Level Rise
If Greenland melts completely, which could happen in 140 years, according to "Six Degrees," by science writer Mark Lynas, then "Miami would dissapear entirely, as would most of Manhattan.""Central London would flooded. Bankok, Bombay and Shanghai would also lose most of their area," he writes in that book. "In all, half of humanity would have to move to higher ground."
Sea Level Rise could start having a big impact only 1-3 generations from now.
When major storms like Hurricane Sandy hit, the major flooding and storm surge are impacted by sea levels.
Group Reflections
Alex:I think that sea level rise is very important because parts of the world are in grave danger for the future and the more sea level increases the more it needs attention. If we do not start making differences soon, and minimize global warming, we can delay the inevitable.

Jon: I think sea level rise is cool and interesting to learn about, but it is very intimidating and threatening when you really think about it. Sea level Rise knowledge is cruical for the future. Not a lot of people care for it, but in a short amount of time the world's biggest cities could be under water. We can't prevent it fully, but we can definetley minimize it.

As you can see, this graph shows the rate at which sea levels have incrased/decreased over the years. It has risen a lot over the entire span of the graph, but a lot of the increase has been recently. That means the rate at which sea level is rising per year is getting higher. About 300 mm is a foot. Miami is only 6 feet abovr sea level. If you do the math, in under 4,000 years it will be gone. in under 2,000 years, it will bew flooded. With the rate increasing, it could happen even sooner.
If certain cities are only a few feet above sea level, how long will it take until cities like New York are under water?
What would the world be like if New York looked like this?
How do the forcing, drivers, and feedback in this situation relate to eachother or everyday life?
Think about it. What if your grandkids went to visit New York City and downtown was flooded?
How do you feel about sea level rise?
Obviously, this WILL NOT happen for a long time. The point of these pictures is to show where the earth could be headed way into the future. The rate that sea levels are rising is not a lot because the small amount it rises per year means it will not have an effect right away, but it will add up.
This video shows the dangers of sea level rise and what people think.
Are sea levels the same everywhere and do they rise the same everywhere?
This article explains that sea levels across the world are different at all points. Even though the sea levels are rising at the same rate, it doesn't mean that sea levels across the world are the same. For example, the sea levels on the west coast of the US are higher than the east coast. This means if sea levels were to rise jurastically, the places with higher sea levels would be close to being flooded.
This article explains and goes into depth about what exactly sea level rise is, how it can effect us, and why it is rising. There are many different componets about sea level rise and a lot of them are intimidating. For example, Miami will not be around for long at the rate sea levels are rising.
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