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Hundred Years War

A dynamic project on the Hundred Years War, which forever changed Europes history.

Max Titen

on 29 November 2010

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Transcript of Hundred Years War

Hundred Years War What Started it? Started in 1337 A.D.
England's King Edward III claimed Aquataine, a southwestern region in France

English eventually caputured Joan of Arc
Had a rigged trail where she was falsely accused of withcraft.
She was then executed by being burned at stake
While she was burning she called out to Jesus
French coroanted her a saint
Joan of Ark believed she was told by many saints to go drive the English out
First saint to tell her was St. Micheal, followed by many others
Fulfilled a prophecy of a young peasent girl rising to help the french win a war against the english He said he had the right due to his matriachal lineage tracing him back to one of the French Kings, King Philip IV Though according to French tradition, royalty should be inherited through one's father.
So the battle for the French throne as well as control of its land was waged
The House of Plantagenets vs.The House of Valois Major Battles That the English Won The Battle of Crecy- August 26,1346
The Battle of Poiters- September 19, 1356
The Battle of Agincourt- October 25, 1415 The Battle of Crecy The English won this battle easily with their powerful longbows
Father range than the crossbow
Could easily pierce the knight's armor.
When a knight was toppled, he was helpless against the long knives of the footmen. The Battle of Poiters Using similar tactics, King Edward (or the Black Prince as he was known as) cut down the French cavalry
He used his archers and footman and eventually won the day. Battle of Agincourt Though they were exhausted, the English won this battle with longbows (again)
their soldiers wore lighter armor and were therefore more swifter.
They won this battle under the leadership of King Henry V. What About French Victories? They won a lot of other battles and they recieved the timely assistance of a peasant girl known as... Fast Fact

Ease at which the knights were killed by the longbows contributed to end of chivalry.
Iconic knight seeming so vulnerable
Practice of knighthood fell into disuse. A distant cousin, King Philip VI, was then crowned king of France and confiscated Aquatine Joan of Ark turned the tide of the war after she helped the French win the battle of Orleans.
Gave the French hope about winning the war so the French won many battles
She french needed was some motavation and good leadership. Joan of Arc While the Hundred Years war was a monumental event.... ...It was part... ...of a much bigger picture Well, as you can see, they didn't win a lot at first The soldiers of France were also divided
Some supported the Plantagnets and others supported the House of Valois
Burgundy and Aquataine were most noted for supporting England Aftermath The French won
Power shifted from English monarchy to parliament
Power shifted towards monarchy in France
Decline of feudalism
French land was devestated
English gained wealth from looting during war

Fast Fact
Actually 116 years long
Punctuated with periods of peace
Four main phases of it were: The Edwardian War, the Caroline War, the Lancastrian War, and period of time in which Joan of Arc appeared
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