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Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief

No description

Michelle Bryce

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief

Major Characters
PercyJackson: The Lightning Thief
Archetypal Film Analysis
By: Michelle Bryce
Percy Jackson
Poseidon Archetype
- Protagonist
- Is spontaneous and instinctual
- Full of passion and intensity
- Loves his family and his friends

Percy Jackson starts off to be the quiet kid that has dyslexia and ADHD. He is a single child who lives in New York City with his mother, Sally, and step dad Gabe. Percy would die for his mother and stands up for her when Gabe treats her poorly. He does not yet know he is destined for greatness or that he is the son of Poseidon.
Dionysus Archetype
- The Best Friend
- Loves all women
- Is chivalrous and gentle
- Smooth talker with a sharp wit

Grover is Percy's best friend and protector (which Percy does not know at first). It is Grover's job to keep Percy out of harms way. He loves getting attention from women and constantly adds humor to every situation. At times he is very carefree, but ultimately is very loyal to Percy and is motivated to help Percy on his journey.
Athena Archetype
- The Best Friend
- Prefers male friendships
- Is self-reliant
- Very smart and intellectual
- Confident
Annabeth is the daughter of Athena. She has lived at Camp Half Blood all her life. She is an excellent fighter and is confident in her skills. There is an attraction between Percy and Annabeth throughout the film that becomes more noticeable at the end. She too joins Percy on his journey.
Mr. Brunner/ Chiron
At first, Percy knows this character as Mr. Brunner, his principal, but later knows him as Chiron. Chiron informs Percy about his new life and gives background information about the problem that has come from the lightning bolt being stolen. He also enrolls Percy in fight training and gives him a pen that turns into sword to use when he is in trouble.
Poseidon is Percy's father. Percy has never met Poseidon. Whenever Percy is in trouble or needs guidence Poseidon will speak to Percy through Percy's thoughts and help him. For example, when Percy and Annabeth fight for the first time and Percy has fallen down as a sign of defeat, Poseidon tells Percy to touch the water which rejuvenates him.
Hermes Archetype / Joker
- Antagonist
- Is adventurous and inquistive
- Hates authority figures
- Expert con man
- A trouble maker with a sharp wit
- Shows up right when hero is about to make a breakthrough
Luke is the son of Hermes. At first he seems to be a nice person since he is very welcoming to Percy when he first arrives and gives him supplies for his journey. The audience learns at the end that Luke is the real Lightning Thief and has hidden the lightning bolt in the shield he gave to Percy. He wanted war between the gods so they would destroy themselves and so then the demigods would be able to take over.
Minor Characters
(Percy's mother)
The Lover
- Home base & security
- Gets caught by the bad guys so hero must save her
Sally, Percy's mother, loves her son very much. She is captured by the Minotaur when dropping off Percy at Camp Half Blood and resides in the Underworld forcing Percy to go save her. Percy is at rest when he knows his mother is safe.
Is angry that the lightning bolt is stolen and is blaming it on Percy. Gives Percy until the Summer Solstice at midnight to return it. He threatens that if the lightning bolt is not returned on time, he will start a war.
Hades sent the Minotaur to capture Sally so he could blackmail Percy into giving him the lightning bolt. He wants the lighting bolt to get back at Zeus for banishing him to the Underworld and the lightning bolt would allow him to finally leave, defeat his brothers, and take control of Olympus.
Persephone seems to be an evil figure but she surprises Percy and his friends when she knocks Hades out and lets all of them go. She does not want a war to break out because that would mean she would be stuck with Hades forever.
The 12 Steps of the Hero's Journey
Ordinary World
Percy Jackson lives in New York City with his mom, whom he adores, and his step dad. He goes to school with his best friend Grover. He has dyslexia and ADHD. His life is boring and stagnant.
Call to Adventure
Percy and his class take a field trip to a local museum. His substitute teacher calls him aside because she needs to talk to him. They enter a room and she then turns into a Fury and attacks him, asking for the lightning bolt. Percy is very confused and scared and doesn't know what she is referring too. Mr. Brunner and Grover then enter scaring the Fury away. They decide that it is time for Percy to leave and go to Camp Half Blood where he will be safe.
Refusal of the Call
As Sally, Percy, and Grover are arriving at Camp Half Blood they are attacked by a Minotaur (the threshold guardian). They then run to the entrance of the camp but Sally can not get through because she is a mortal. Percy refuses to leave her behind. In that very moment The Minotaur appears and captures Sally.
Answering the Call
Percy then uses the pen Mr. Brunner gave him, turns it into a sword, and is about to attack the Minotaur when the Minotaur crushes his mother sending her to the Underworld. Percy then defeats the Minotaur by stabbing him and then passes out.
Pen that turns into sword when clicked
Crossing the Threshold
When Percy wakes up from passing out he is now inside Camp Half Blood. He then is showed around by Grover and sees Mr. Brunner as his true self, Chiron.
Meeting the Mentor
Chiron explains the lightning bolt situation and gives more background information about the camp. He also starts making Percy train. This is where Percy meets Annabeth and Luke.
Allies and Enemies
After training, Hades appears and tells Percy he has his mother and will give her back only if he gives him the lightning bolt. Percy decides he will go rescue his mother and explain to Hades he did not steal the bolt. Grover and Annabeth decide to come along on the adventure (becoming the companions). They go to Luke for suplies such as flying shoes, shield, and map.
In order to come back to Earth after visiting the Underworld they must collect pearls that will transport them back. They travel around the US and face different obstacles to retrieve the pearls.
1. Percy, Grover, and Annabeth face Medusa in her garden of statues. Percy defeats her by cutting her head off. They take the pearl from her bracelet and decide to bring the head along in case they need it.
2. Next, they travel to Nashville to the replica of the Parthenon where the pearl is located on the crown on the 30 foot statue of Athena. Percy manages to get the pearl down using the flying shoes but then the Hydra shows up and is finally defeated when Grover takes out Medusa's head and turns it into stone.
3. They travel to a casino in Las Vegas where they eat a candy that dulls the senses. They lose several days time but Poseidon then tells Percy to wake up and they escape. Percy finds the pearl at one of the stations in the casino.
Approach the Intermost Cave
Dragon Battle
Percy, Annabeth, Grover vs. Hydra
Supernatural Aid
Percy and companions collected all three pearls and were led to the Hollywood sign as their next stop. Percy read Greek graffiti on one of the letters and the path to the Underworld appeared. They then payed the ferryman who took them to Hades castle.
The Supreme Ordeal
Percy, Grover, and Annabeth meet Persephone and Hades. Percy tries to explain to Hades that he did not steal the lightning bolt so therefore does not have it. Hades gets angry and smashes the container that held Sally bringing her to life again. Percy drops his shield and runs to her. When the shield hit the ground it revealed a secret compartment that contained the lightning bolt, realizing that Luke is the real thief. Hades sees the bolt and gets ready to kill them all.
The Reward
Persephone then distracts Hades, takes the bolt from him, and strikes him, which knocks him out. She then lets Percy and everyone else go with the bolt, because she does not want Hades to have the power. They then realize they only have three pearls and there is four of them. Grover decides to stay behind and Percy, Annabeth, and Sally leave.
The Road Back
Percy, Annabeth, and Sally arrive at the Empire State Building which has an entrance to Olympus. Luke then appears. Luke and Percy then fight for the bolt.
Rescue from Without
As Luke and Percy are battling, it seems that Percy has been defeated when he falls on a rooftop and is now unarmed. He then uses his power to move water from a nearby water tank to surround Luke and hold him in the water, almost as if to drown him, but then Percy eases up. Percy then makes a trident out of water and throws it at Luke, which takes him away. Percy then regains the lightning bolt.
Percy then returns to the Empire State building and takes the elevator up to Olympus. Sally must stay on the elevator since she is a mortal and can not enter Olympus
The Resurrection
Percy and Annabeth return the bolt to Zeus just in time and all is restored back to normal. They then ask Zeus to retrieve Grover from the Underworld.
Poseidon then asks Zeus if he may speak with Percy. At first, Percy is angry at Poseidon for leaving him and his mom. Poseidon then explains that gods and their children are forbidden to have contact. Poseidon then tells Percy it was his voice in Percy's head helping him in his times of need. Poseidon then reassures Percy that he will always be there for him. They end their conversation on good terms.
Return with the Elixir
Crossing the Return Threshold
Sally drops off Percy at Camp Half Blood once again. They say their goodbyes and she says, "This is where you belong".
Percy returns to camp with confidence, knowledge, and skill. He has restored the world back to normal, which makes everyone safe again.
As Percy is walking through camp he is congratulated and praised numerous times by everyone. Chiron then tells him he has become his favorite student.
Freedom to Live
The lightning bolt has been returned and so the problem is solved. The connection between Percy and Annabeth is revealed even more as they flirtatiously train together.
I believe the filmmakers did an adequate job with the journey but did a great job with the archetypes. At times the the journey was unclear and some of the steps were not in order, even some of the additional steps were missing. The archetypes of the demi-gods fit perfectly because their personalities matched the personalities of their parents. The film also had a clear representation of the additional archetypes. I feel that the journey of the hero and the archetypes do resonate with the audience and enhance the storyline. Due to the steps of the hero, the movie was exciting and captivated its audience.
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