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Preschool Early Learning Environment

No description

Elizabeth Hart

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of Preschool Early Learning Environment

Preschoolers are beginning to share ideas and work cooperatively. These behaviors are fostered during dramatic play.
Dramatic Play
Use Your Imagination
Be Creative
Through art opportunities, children gain fine motor skills by using scissors, paintbrushes and other art materials. Children learn that art and writing are important ways of expressing themselves. This is the beginning stage of reading and writing.
Materials organized into containers create a pleasant display
Allowing children to display their work, affirms their expression is valued.
Children learn by engaging in meaningful play using their senses. Sensory play aids in development of cognitive skills, fine motor skills, and social and emotional development.
Sensory Play
CLICK the link to find great sensory table ideas!
Children are naturally curious. Science centers allow children to observe, reason, organize and reflect. It is important to allow adequate space to inlcude items that are relevant to the students.
Literacy centers help children to become effective speakers, listeners, readers. The area needs to be clearly defined and well stocked with a variety of books,paper and writing tools.
Math centers include open ended materials and clearly defined activities
Materials are organized and relate to a variety of math standards.
Post Office
This video demonstrates ways to organize and manage a literacy center. It is designed for special needs children, but has great ideas on how to individualize activities.
Sensory Play
Technology within an early childhood classroom needs to be intentional. Below is a position statement from NAEYC on technology and Early Childhood Programs.

Technology and Interactive Media
as Tools in Early Childhood Programs Serving Children from Birth through Age 8.

Technology needs to encourage social interaction and independent use. This video camera for example, allows students to revisit their experiences. They may watch themselves and others and gain other perspectives while reviewing an activity.
Video tape children while engaging in dramatic play and watch it with the whole class.
While using a light table children are able to manipulate materials and experiment with transparency.
Computers and other touch screen tools with appropriate software will support social studies, math, literacy, and math.
Explore and Investigate
The block area needs to be large enough to accommodate more than 2 children. Blocks should be stored in low open labeled shelves.
Accessories such as people, animals and transportation vehicles should also be available in the building area to expand play.
Preschool Early Learning Environment

Learning spaces need to be aesthetically pleasing, purposeful, safe and contain a balance between independent and dependent activities.

Ideas on types of blocks to include....
Large hollow blocks, ramps, boards
Unit blocks
Cardboard blocks
Blocks made from boxes or milk cartons
Packing boxes Boards, sticks, logs, tree-stump rounds and stumps
Cardboard, metal, or plastic tubes

Bring the Classroom Outdoors
Music Wall
Gardens promote exploration, discovery, and observation.
Let's Paint
Include a variety of materials
Music & Movement
What Does Music Do in the Classroom?
Encourages Movement
Allows for Self Expression
Builds Self Confidence
Develops Creative Thinking, Reading & Writing Skills

List of fun preschool songs
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