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How Did the Neolithic Revolution (agriculture) Lead to the Rise of the World's First Complex-urban Societies.

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Shavah Singh

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of How Did the Neolithic Revolution (agriculture) Lead to the Rise of the World's First Complex-urban Societies.

How Did the Neolithic Revolution (agriculture) Lead to the Rise of the World's First Complex-urban Societies. Growth of Civilization also farming led to growth of civilation , the knowledge of agriculture spread throughout the world . having a stable food supply changed the way people lived. once they no longer had to travel to find food, they built permanent villages. farmers were able to produce large harvests, so that fewer people needed to farm. some people began to practice other crafts, such as weaving or making pots. a few people became religious leaders. Agriculture caused the rapid increase of human numbers all over the earth. As populations increase, agriculture is needed. The development of agriculture allowed groups of people to settle in an area instead of being nomadic and form societies. Agriculture to New Cultures The invention of agriculture allowed the previous hunter-gatherers packs to settle in one place. So the most radical changes was.
Firstly, Staying in one place of instead of traveling which lead to first camps and later villages.
new usable materials what was the most radical change from one to the other? conclusion so basicalyy When early man figured out how to plant& harvest some of their food, they could stop wandering around - no longer be nomads. They started raising animals to eat & domesticated animals - like horse and goats. They built permanent shelters. Inhabitants began to specialize in services. Leaders emerged. Settlements traded with each other - commerce began. Written language was needed & developed. Art, music, clothing became more refined. Some form of rules and government developed. Trade routes were established, exploration took place. Communities grew. As cities developed more services and food were needed. Secondly, The patriarch (male is the dominant in family) changed to matriarch (female is the dominant in family) since they could provide more food than males with their hunting now.
These changes allowed people to spend more time thinking so the inventions of tools and finding of new usable materials
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