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The covenant

No description

Yiu Yiu Lau

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of The covenant

The Covenant
Sarah was the wife of Abraham. She was extremely beautiful - so beautiful that Abraham was afraid of the possibility that another man would take her away for his own wife, and kill him. For a while, Abraham and Sarah pretended to be siblings, so no one would be hurt. Hagar, her handmaiden, was offered to Abraham as a second wife, so that Abraham could have a child, as their attempts to have one of their own had failed. Sarah's name was originally Sarai, but was changed when the covenant happened - Sarai being blessed and given a new name. She had a son, Issac, with Abraham when she was 90.
Abramham or originally Abram
is a key fig
ure of both the Abrahamic religions Judaism and Christia
nity, aroun
d the chapters 11:26-25:18.

The Great-Great-Great-Great-
-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandson of Noah, Abraham
was one of t
hree brothers: Nahorand Haran, their mother was known as T
erah. After
marrying a woman known as Sarai, who was infertile. Tear
ah, Sarai, A
braham and Haran's son; Lot left Canaan and settled in a
place know
n as Haran. Yes, Haran.

Here he was instructed by th
e LORD to l
eave his home and family to go to a land that the LORD would
show him,
promising it would prosper, he and his name would be blesse
d. In short,
He was presented with the Covenant.

The rest is history

The Covenant... What is it?
Ishmael is Abraham's first son in the Jewish, Christian and Muslim holy text. Ishmael was born from Abraham's marriage to Sarai's handmaiden Hagar. He reportedly died at the age of 137. He is considered the ancestor of the Arab people.

Ishmael was the failed see
d of
the covenant. The Lord never ever recognized Ishmael as the promised seed.
Hagar is Ishmael's mother. Hagar was offered, by her mistress, to Abraham to be as a second wife. Sarah presented this offering to her husband because they were getting older and they couldn't have a child. When she found out she was pregnant, she was angered, thus making Sarah treat her badly, and for her to run away. She came back to have her child, however, naming her son Ishmael.
The Covenant was an agreement between Abraham and God - a contract. It was for Abraham to make Israel a better place, and in return, God would give Abraham and his descendants a wonderful place - the promised land.

The conditions of the Abrahamic covenant is as follows

To make of Abraham a great nation and bless Abraham and make his name great so that he will be a blessing, to bless those who bless him and curse him who curses him and all peoples on earth would be blessed through Abraham.[Gen 12:1–3]

To give Abraham's descendants all the land from the river of Egypt to the Euphrates.[Gen 15:18–21] Later, this land came to be referred to as the Promised Land (see map) or the Land of Israel.

Circumcision is to be the permanent sign of this everlasting covenant with Abraham and his male descendants and is known as the brit milah.[Gen 17:9–14]
Isaac was the only son of Abraham and Sarah. He was the longest living patriarch. Isaac was the father of Jacob and Esau. The wife of Isaac was Rebekah. Isaac favored Esau, and Rebekah favored Jacob. One of the most well known events was the sacrifice of Isaac. God issued a test to Abraham, testing his loyalty and asked him to sacrifice Isaac. An Angel shortly flew down to stop Abraham as he was getting ready to sacrifice Isaac, and instead Abraham sacrificed a nearby ram. Isaac died at the ripe old age of 180. When Isaac grew old, he became blind as well. With so many disabilities, you may think Isaac is pretty weak. In actual fact he is one of the most influential people of all time.
To make Abraham the father of many nations and of many descendants
and give "the whole land of Canaan" to his descendants.[Gen 17:2–9]
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