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Script Writing

No description

Miss McManus

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of Script Writing

Script Writing
Important things to know about writing a script
A script is the written text of a play, film or broadcast.
Your script should include

There are specific rules for how your script is to be formatted

Character names should centred above the dialogue, in ALL CAPS. You use these to indicate who is talking.
Centre justified.
Dialogue is simply every word we hear on the screen. Everything that comes out of everyone's mouth (whether we see them on the screen or not).

Action is also called "business" or "description." It's what we see on the screen or stage.
 We can't see a character thinking. But we know that characters who are thinking will behave in a certain way. Describe the behavior, not the intangible mental process.

Other Elements of a Script
A Scene Heading, also known as a Slugline, tells the reader where a scene takes place.

A Parenthetical is a direction to the Actor about how to read the dialogue.

Monologues and Dialogue
You can choose to write either a
monologue or dialogue

A monologue is one person talking, a dialogue is discussion between two or more people
Dialogue should reveal information about the characters and move the plot forward
Please use a scriptwriting software to write your script. It will help you avoid formatting errors.
I recommend celtx. Download the free version from www.celtx.com
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