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20 Things About Me

This presentation is intended to introduce myself to my students in the fall.

Kristin Hanson

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of 20 Things About Me

12 Things About Me & Some Advice about Education Dr. Kristin Hanson, Ph.D. 1. I was in college for ten years: 4 at the University of Iowa, and 6 at Louisiana State University. I have degrees in Theatre and Theatre History, with minors in English and Women's Studies. 3. During the summers, I volunteer at the Riverside Theatre in the Park. I am a stitcher, which is a seamstress for costumes. 4. I've been on two Kirkwood student study abroad trips--to Rome and to China. If you have the chance, you should definitely go, too. 5. I don't eat octopus, ever since I saw a really cool documentary on them when I was a teen. I figured they were just too smart and curious to eat. Educational Rule #2: School is WORK! You need to treat school in the same way that you hope to treat your dream job. Educational Rule #1: There are NO short-cuts in education! 8. I am originally from West Branch, Iowa. I lived there my entire childhood and graduated from West Branch High School. 9. I am a student at Kirkwood, in addition to being a teacher. I have taken enough classes to become a student member of the PTK honor society. 10. Here at Kirkwood, I've taught Encounters in Humanities (over 40 times), Popular Culture (over 20 times), as well as Introduction to Theatre. 11. Last summer I spent 2 weeks in southern Africa. I went on safari to Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Zambia. 12. I got sick after my trip to Africa, so sometimes my voice cracks or cuts out. That's why I sometimes have to have a drink with me in class. 13. My dad is a multiple amputee. I am very close to my parents, so I reference this fact in everyday conversation, because that's normal for me. He was in the hospital for nearly three months in a coma and almost died, and ever since then he's been an amputee. 14. My mother was in one of Kirkwood's earliest graduating classes. She became an RN after finishing her degree at Kirkwood, and then worked at Mercy Hospital in Iowa City for 40 years. My dad also took classes at Kirkwood (HVAC stuff), my older sister took classes in the pig barn, and my younger sister was a teacher at Kirkwood, like me. So, Kirkwood is sort of a family tradition, though I'm the only one to work full time here. Educational Rule #3: Distraction is your enemy. This doesn't mean you can't take breaks, but it does mean that your brain can only do one thing at a time. Educational Rule #4: Your behaviors are important. You can't control how you feel, but you CAN control what you do and how you respond to challenges. Educational Rule #5: You've got to be in charge of yourself. You have the privilege and responsibility making your own life, so you've got to think about what's in your best interests. Nobody is going to do that for you. 18. When I was an undergraduate, I spent a year as an exchange student studying at the University of Hull, on the eastern coast of England. I'm very big into study abroad programs. I think travel is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Educational Rule #7: Educational studies have shown that the number one determinant of your success in a college class in attendance (not IQ, not your previous knowledge of the subject, not your wealth or race or gender). I have never in my years as a teacher have someone fail to attended every class. Educational Rule #8: If you have no curiosity, college is going to be unending torture for you, and there's nothing anybody can do about that except you. Teachers are inherently curious people. They are fascinated by learning new things and hearing about what other people know. This is what makes learning easy for them. They aren't different than you, they're just people who have found a way to make learning enjoyable for themselves. If you can do that, learning will be easy for you, too. This is what I look like in my academic robe. I often say it is the most expensive outfit I own, since it took me ten years of college to earn. I have eaten some truly bizarre animals, though. Particularly when I was in China. Right There Educational Rule #6: Don't take things so personally, if you can help it.
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