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the Knowmadic journey


Kim van Rijt

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of the Knowmadic journey

The Knowmadic Gene:
how we work

Human Centered (HC)

It's all about people. We strive to understand ourselves and our community and to be aware needs.
Open and Appreciative Communication (OAC)

Is about looking beyond the obvious. To see what is an observation and what is a projections. And to communicate openly about this. this is how we connect to others and create understanding.
Head Heart Hands Aligned (HHH)

Working is a balancing act between these three energies. It’s about knowing when one is
needed in a process.
Action Oriented (AO)

is about movement and dynamics.
To make an impact the world in a positive
way starts from own action.

Power to Choose (PtC)

Is about choices that empower, that give energy to your own life.
By making conscious decisions, you take responsibility for yourself and your actions.
Unicorn (U) Magic, flow, shine.

It represents the presence of magic
in our lives. We cannot (and do not need to) control everything.
When we allow and work with the unknown, whatever happens is what needs to happen.
an international
A business is a collective of people trying to manifest something in the world. All businesses are created and run by people. Therefore, being able to connect with people, to effectively communicate, to inspire and to collaborate is what we see as the core of ‘doing business’.
inspired from the ancient Greek meaning of school: ‘Time held for yourself. Leisure time' for learning important life insights.
Not job skills per se, but insights that help you understand who you were and who you might become in an examined life.”
so we're not doing something very new....
open and positive towards:

taking initiative
risk taking
positive action,
care for community

spending time with others, in good & bad times
having a goal, moving towards something
learning and change,
feedback and self reflection
self-development for your own & your peer's sake
questioning the status quo
our yearly program
We have 50%
fixed moments
that are re-occuring every year, and where we expect everyone to be present. You'll
your own program and learning the other 50% year. You'll reflect and get feedback a lot, and build your portfolio. We do
not grade
you in any way because at Knowmads learning is more important than testing... As long as you're satisfied with your own performance and development, we're happy campers!
The Program explained in 4 sentences

Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Business Design
Presenting, setting up an actionable business plan that serves both your need on clarity as that of the need of potential investors, to step into the unknown and getting ‘back into the game after failing, being flexible,
Business Model Canvas, Start-Up Wheel, Business Basics (Accounting, Sales),

Personal Leadership and collaboration
Discovering and expressing your own unique ways and preferences of relating, learning, understanding the importance within diversity. Understanding your own talents and limiting beliefs that hold you back while working with and giving feedback to people that learn and work in a different way. Self-reflection, sharing and growing in an honest, safe and caring environment.
Different types of learning (Kolb), Peer to Peer Learning (Mastermind, Peer reviewing, Reflection, Feedback), Decision Making (Consensus, Democracy), Appreciative and Open Communication (AI, NVC), Effective meetings (Holacracy), Personal growth tools (anger letter writing, the artist way, meditation)

Social Innovation & Sustainability
seeing, looking, observing and reflecting upon what the world around you needs and taking concrete steps towards how you see it can go even better.
Systems Thinking, Butterfly effect,

Project & Process Design
to go beyond content, and also see what processes happen on group level and the importance of giving real attention to emotions, initiate process interventions that are often not used, to guide smooth efficient meetings
Different approaches and tools for Project Planning and Designing, (GTD, Gameplanning) Group Dynamics and Team Building, Prejecting (Blue Print of We, I do Art) and Ground setting, Learning Cycles and the theory of starting and Landing, (Art of Hosting, chaordic, divergence, convergence)., energizers

Marketing & Creativity
thinking out of the box, going where no one has gone before, or going back to the simplicity of where it all started. daring to say ‘stupid’ things, letting go of a pre-defined outcome, going crazy and having fun whilst it being effective and purposeful at the same time. play. oh yes, play.
instorming, Scenario and Vision Planning, Mindmapping & Visual Harvesting, Branding, Social Media, Story telling
"I strive towards a meaningful life. Meaningful to me is.......(fill in the dots) I have many talents which are......... I would like to develop more in these areas…… I learn and work best when I start with (doing/reading/ implementing/ observing) …….,
I am aware learning is always there, also if it is not apparent, or the situation is not fun. I look at where I want to go, I reflect on what I should stop doing, should start doing and should continue doing. I believe in critical thinking that leads towards making positive actions. And I take the first steps to make it happen. If I fail, I reflect and try again. I am aware of the impact of my actions, and take responsibility of dealing with outcomes of this impact. I strive towards a fun life. I trust my intuition. I have the Knowmadic Gene.

Learning and growing happens on both individual, team and societal level. Everything I do matters. the direction I choose will have an influence on my life, therefore the lives of others, therefore on society.
I have the capacity, will, motivation and possibility to make my own choices. I can make choices that are good for me and for others (win-win-win)
Life and learning goes in circles. Like the seasons. I do, I evaluate, I reflect, I observe, I learn, I fail, I succeed, and again….I do, I evaluate, I reflect, I observe, I learn, I fail, I succeed. The sequence of that circle differs per person. And that’s just fine and dandy. Actually, that’s great. Because it’s me.""
What will it cost me?
-an estimate-
we can send you this pdf, but in short:

The tuition fee is € 6900,- for the year. Click and drag to see the rest of the pdf with cost-estimations.
Harvest and Reflection via the Half Year Presentations
Tribal Trip
Welcoming and hosting the New Tribe as 'the experienced travelers' in their Welcome Home Workshop.
Organize the Goodbye Party for the Tribe leaving
Tribal Leadership
week 20-27
half way through
Tribal Leadership
-the beginning-
week 1-7
Tribal Trip (3 tribes and running team having fun)
getting to know your own HQ (getting keys, finding your way, getting practical)
team-building skill-set
collaboration skill-set
project and event managing skill-set
inspiration by seeing the FINAL presentations of the Tribe that's leaving
organizing and hosting your own event or group project at the end of this period
Tribal Leadership
- the end & new beginning-
Big Tribal Reflection
FINAL Presentations
Celebration of your Year
Tribal Trip
Public final Presentations, share your more tangible outcomes with our and your bigger network.
So your dad (or uncle, or mom, or boss) will ask "Aha! And how will I know this is good quality? How does this -so-called- school guarantee that their program is a success!? Well? Huh? Tell me that!" You can tell them this: "I hear you say you wonder about whether it's good quality. I understand this. I'm sure though that together with my ten to 15 inspired, entrepreneurial, creative, young professional Tribe members I will be able to make it a really good year, also quality wise. I trust myself enough to make the right choices in my life and I will make this a brilliant, great, fantastic, fun, challenging, exiting year for myself. And if I fail in that? That would be hard, but well... at least I tried and it surely won't harm me to try. So it would be great if you could wish me luck." Or you can just say: "Well, you couldn't guarantee that my life was going to be perfect and I was born anyways. So...I'm gonna do this thing and it's going to be great, you wait and see, old man!" :) (and than give him/her a BIG kiss, because these questions almost always come from care)
No tests or grades at the end of your year.
The GRAND Evaluation and Reflection together with your Tribe.

what should we start?
what should we stop?
what should we continue doing?

some important words
head - heart -hands
individual - tribe - local - world
knowledge - skills - attitudes - mindsets
observe/ reflect - abstract concepts - experimenting - concrete action
business - community
freedom - responsibility - discipline

a two day workshop where you'll experience Knowmads and your Tribe in a very special way. You'll be hosted by the two present Tribes and the staff
Welcome Home Workshop

a full time, one year program
a life changing experience in Amsterdam
a Tribe with awesome, and probably some challenging, like-minded people
many many workshops and lectures (with a commercial value of around €15.000)
guidance on your personal - and group process
possibilities to work for inspiring clients
a huge network
a key to the Knowmads HQ
coffee and tea
free membership to our co-working space 'the Greenhouse'
What will a week look like?
Possible Outcomes
Life after Knowmads......
will be exactly what you'll make of it, but here's a list of based on what we've seen with our brilliant & sweet Knowmadic Tribe members
setting up you own business
finding out what your passions are and in what areas you want to continue your life. And then really going that way.
choosing for the higher education that you are really engaged in.
setting up an intercultural socially engaged project
tried out how you don't want to want work
stood up for what you believed in
made friends for life
found your business partner you were always looking for.
becoming a great host to yourself, colleagues and employees
learned and acted upon what you want to bring into this world via media and / or your venue.
developing your own workshops and selling them
organizing meaningful or cutting edge events
surviving one crazy year in Amsterdam and going into the world with confidence after that.
becoming an innovative intrapreneur in a corporate.
build up a huge network of social innovators and educators and action driven people that enjoy the bumpy ride of life
Tribal Leadership
week 8 - 12
more workshops on team building, communication, collaboration and shared decision making
making your own co-created program

Tribal Leadership
checkpoint at 3 months

Harvest and Evaluation
- what did we learn so far and are we on the 'right' track-
What to expect from the Presentations?
We will ask you to share your story. both in the middle as at the end of your year.
In whatever creative, touching, authentic, professional, joyful, honest way....
Monday is tribal community day at HQ, one day in the week is project working day and the rest of your days are filled with workshops, lectures, trips and other fun stuff to be planned together. Most people spend 4-6 days per week at our HQ.
The Knowmads Journey
a Prezi about what you can expect and make of your one year as a Tribe Member
at Knowmads International Business School in Amsterdam
-in 20 minutes (50 slides)-
Ok, so here's the bottom line:
You step away from your known life for one
amazingly weird and inspiring year
Because you feel that you want to
take life into your own hands
and give yourself an opportunity to
on your own terms,
together with peers and
your knowledge and talents with the world. And after one year to fully step into your life again, with a rug sack of
strong energy
and the ability to
change your life
around you.
"What can you get out of it?"
so now.... to the flow of the year
Tribal Leadership = FIXED
meaning you're expected to be there, unless you and your Tribe have agreed otherwise
Personal Leadership = OPEN
for you to choose your own path and learning journey
Personal Leadership
week 13-19
Blank space for co-created and self-directed learning
(apart from weekly Tribal meetings)
Personal Leadership
week 28- 42
Blank space for co-created and self-directed learning

(apart from weekly Tribal meetings, optional is Nature Quest)
after Knowmads
after Knowmads
More information!!!
About this Prezi
This presentation has been made for those that want to know more about Knowmads in depth. It has not been made to be presented on a big screen to a wide audience. So grab yourself a drink and make yourself comfortable. if you have any questions afterwards, don't hesitate to email us:

(February 2015: Content is up to date and complete. It still is a bit too much textual instead of graphical, visually it is far from perfect. It's work-in-progress. As always.)
Word Explanation
for this money you'll get:
check the website for more info or connect in person: come by for a coffee and tea, mail us for a skype talk, join our Monday Morning Breakfast etc.... info@knowmads.nl
"It all depends on trusting someone who is on the outside to see the label on your own jar.

It all depends on being brave enough to read someone else's jar for them."

hugh gaping void
In the first seven weeks you’ll first learn the basics we think you need to make the best of your year. You'll implement these straight away when you’ll design your best possible co-created educational program that suits your needs and the needs of your Tribe members. During your year you COULD set up an actionable business plan, do real life projects, open your own business, create a foundation, create and facilitate workshops, know the importance of going into stillness and depth to further enhance your growth, via the Nature Quest.... But only if you want to!
Please email to: info@knowmads.nl to request our PDF with an overview of workshops chosen and provided to former Tribes
A year at Knowmads in Amsterdam:
TRIBE 8,9,10
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