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No description

Jasper Ramìrez

on 30 May 2016

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Transcript of IMPORT EXPORT

Main export documents
Packaging design , packaging and packaging.
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1. Empaquetado:
2. Etiquetado:

3. Embalaje:
• Caja corrugada de 62x37x40 cm.
• Dentro de la caja 160 empaques de Nestlé® Abuelita™ y cada empaque contiene 6 tabletas de chocolate.
• Las cajas van dentro de un contenedor.

Land Transport ( Road )

Type of cargo: Food boxes finished product, with an average weight of 10 kg per box , maximum 20 kg .
Maximum capacity: For maximum weight that the truck or 500-800 boxes per truck.

Consumo de producto anual y per cápita
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CPT Aduana Chicago

United States annually consumes an estimated 0.6 million tons of chocolate.
The average consumption is 5.68 km per year per person.
Selected market

United States - Chicago, Illinois
The tariff of Chocolate in bar form is
Quantitative non-tariff regulations
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1) Import Permit or Export (Document Annex )
2) Fees
3) Official prices
4) Taxes AD
5 ) Compensatory Tax

Qualitative non-tariff regulations.
1) Health Regulations
2) Packaging requirements
3) labeling requirements
4) Toxicity Regulations
5 ) Marks of Origin
6) Technical Standards
7) phytosanitary regulations
8) Quality standards
9) environmental regulations


The choice of this location was taken on the basis that the United States is a neighboring country with which Mexico has established various Free Trade Agreements which enables us to export and import products. With reference to our product, it is a country that according to statistics, consumes 70 % of the chocolate produced in Mexico and therefore favors a good choice as an importer.

Why that country
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