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Industrial Revolution

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able can

on 25 January 2015

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Transcript of Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution: its agricultural aspect, spread and impacts
1. Review: Industrial Revolution
What is industrial revolution?
Changes took place first in __, and transformed a ___ society into a nation dominated by ___.
2. Review: Industrial Revolution
Major Innovations:
Textile Factory and Mass Production
Steam Machine
Behind the Revolution:
How did Britain feed such huge urban population?
2. Agricultural Revolution Paves the Way!
Enclosure and the End of Common Land
2. Agricultural Revolution Paves the way!
Scientific farming methods :
2. Agricultural Revolution Paves the way!
Population Explosion and Urbanization
Agricultural Revolution
Industrial Revolution
Food and Workforce
3. The Spread of Industrial Revolution
Britain tried to keep its "secrets"
3. Breaking through the blockade
3. Beginning in Belgium
Industrial Revolution in Germany
3. Industrial Revolution in France
3. Why did other nations are less successful in industrialization?
3. Industrial Revolution in America
Why the Industrial Revolution Began in Britain?
Resources: Coal and Iron Ore
Transportation: Fine waterway and harbors
Expanding Economy and Needs
Political Stability
4. Impacts of the Industrial Revolution
The Rise of Global Inequality: The Great Divide
4. Impacts of the Industrial Revolution
Transformation of Society
Urbanization: housing, sanitation, education...
Railway and World Market
Mass Production and Greater Incomes
As a result:
Poor farmers leaves for cities
Rich farmers apply new methods for profits
2. Agricultural Revolution Paves the way!
Scientific farming methods :
Crop Rotation, 1730
From "broadcast" to Seed Drill, 1701
Relations in between
A carpenter named William Cockerill carried secret plans for building spinning machinery to Belgium in 1799.
Germany was politically divided and there was no countrywide industrialization.
Ruhr Basin
Industrialization appeared in different regions since 1835.
Mass industrialization occurred after 1830.
Agricultural economy remained strong.
Economy slowly took off after 1850 when government began to build railway and national market thrived.
Britain blockaded USA's international trade in 1812's war. US was forced to develop its independent industry.
In 1789, a British mill worker Samuel Slater built a spinning machine from memory.
3. Industrial Revolution in America
In early 1800s, most of the industrialization took place in the northeast region. The South remained agricultural until the end of the Civil War.
The economic and technological boom came in the last third of 1800s.
Lack of capital, middle class.
Governments were disinterested in industrialization.
Lack of fine waterways and too mountainous.
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