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Demo 5th Grade 2.0

No description

christopher riley

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Demo 5th Grade 2.0

Korea, America, Mascots! soccer, track, art math gym music science English Fight Song Give me an "O"
Give me an "S"
Give me an "W"
Give me an "E"
Give me an "G"
Give me an "O"

What's that spell?
I can't hear you!
"Oswego" Differences! No Hagwon No cleaning No School on Saturday Kids play sports, work, or do other activities after school. Sports are very popular things to do, so most school have have grass fields, pools and tracks for their sports. In the US janitors clean the school, but they do not live there. Kids and teachers do not have school on Saturday. If you are bad, you may have to come in on Saturday as punishment. No break between classes Students in Elementary school get recess but no break between classes. Students in middle school and high school get a break, but it is only 3-5 minutes long. No winter vacation Most elementary schools have just a 1 week vacation for Christmas and another in February. Schools then have a 2-3 month vacation in the summer. Founding Our school is Super Junior Elementary School. Our school is a ? story building. Our school has 30 classes, 450 students, and 40 teachers. Our school opened on August 15, 1945. Symbols Our school sports are Our school tree is a and baseball and softball. maple tree. Our school flower is a Our school mascot is Events Our school events are Staff Subjects Facilities Super Junior. field trips. We study We have rose. teachers, staff a principal/vice-principal and Our school has a computer lab and gym.
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