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What was there before God?

No description

Nadine Joy

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of What was there before God?

What was there before God?
Presentation by: Jonathan, Jared, Nadine, John, Melody, and Kim
God has no beginning nor end, he is eternal. Everything has a cause in our universe except for God since he created the universe and time which is connected to matter and space. Therefore, God isn't limited to be time and space so he must have been there ever since... Forever, because you cannot create god out of nothing and then create the universe out of nothing as well. So it there really a God out there that has no ending nor beginning? Also, there maybe is a way for God to tell us things and it could be the Holy Spirit or he tried coming to our planet to tell us stories (Parables) that related to something we cant figure out.
To be honest, before God created Earth and the universe, I thought it was complete emptiness, but if there was nothing then how does God exist? From research, scientists believe the Big Bang created everything, but from our point of view no one really knows how anything was created. So the better question is, if God created everything, then how was God created?
In my opinion there was nothing before God because he's infinite which means he has no beginning or end so I don't think there was anything before God. So before he created anything, everything was empty. So in conclusion, there was nothing before God.
After looking through websites, there was nothing before God because since God created everything and everyone, there couldn't be anything that created God. God created this world and us in his own image and progressed to be himself because by the bible itself, it's all about God and his life. Nothing in the bible says who created God.
In the bible and Christian beliefs define that God is eternal and uncreated meaning that he was just created in our beliefs. We always say to ourselves that God created us and everything else but we don't ask ourselves who created God. The saying that God is love, is true in the sense that it encourages us and gives us hope that it is possible to live and understand the real meaning of life. I think that there was nothing before God because there's nothing in the world that proves where he came from but only one thing is certain, He exists in our hearts and minds through our beliefs.
I think that there was nothing before God since he created everything. God was the only thing that existed before he created us and everything else. He is eternal which means that he will always exist. We think of things as having a beginning and end but god has no beginning or end. It says in Revelation 1:8, "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, which is, which was and which is to come, the Almighty."
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