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Women In Music Videos

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Anum Khan

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Women In Music Videos

Male representation, how they are affected and role of men and women in music videos
Women In Music Videos
Negative Representation of women
Women are being sexualized in music videos and not only by men, but also as a choice made by themselves.
Women dance sexually and are seen touching other men, women, and themselves.
Lead and backup dancers are also sexualized
Sut Jully pointed out that women are "barely dressed" or wearing "low cut and skimpy tops, stockings, lingerie, and bikini" when they are dressed.
states these music videos promote a sexualized fantasy and force women to sell their bodies/ appearance to become dominating and successful
Most of the blame is placed on male music directors
Most (if not all) is focused on how women are objects, parts, and accessories
Adolescents who watch these videos get the impression that that is the beauty which men want and that is what they have to be to get that attention
Representation of Women in different genres
The sociologist Erving Goffman states in his book
Gender Advertisements
that, "Women bodies are often dismembered and treated as separate parts, perpetuating the concept that a women's body is not connected to her mind and emotions"
A study by the University of Missouri College of Arts and Science concluded that Male artists sexually objectify women and female artists use their own sex appeal to increase viewers and profit
Alternative Representation of Women
Women in music can also be empowered and shown in a positive connotation too

Within the last fifteen years, different genres of popular and mainstream music videos in western society, perpetuates the dominant fantasy of what it is to be a man and a woman. Men are represented as aggressive and dominating whereas women are submissive and objectified. As a result, these dominant fantasies have affected the audience’s perspective of the female and male gender. As the audience commences to accept the violence and objectification they begin to consider them as the a part of their dominant fantasy. Therefore, music videos condition the audience to subscribe to the ideas represented in music videos and to consider them a part of their dominant fantasies.
Women today also exploit and sexualize themselves as a choice, for example, Beyonce's music video "Telephone" and Keri Hilson's "The Way You Love Me"
Men are accepting and provoked to do heinous crimes like rape or the abusing of women because of some of these music videos.
The sexualization of women is more degrading than empowering
Many artists explain what they will do to women or how they will treat her in their songs
i.e. Eminem in his song "Kim" describes him killing his wife! At the end of the song he says, "Now Bleed! Bitch Bleed! Bitch Bleed! Bleed!"
Snoop Dog has a song called "Break a Bitch Till I Die"
Women are depicted as the weaker sex in need of the opposite sex for satisfaction, protection, and love
Many music videos show the "perfect" woman as being beautiful, sexy, bold, and ready to do anything
Media shows women as passive, sex symbols, dependent, and defenseless compared to a man who is aggressive, powerful, dominant, and in control.
Song released August 25th
Music video released September 9th
50/100 us billboard hot 100
Holds the biggest vivo record of most views in 24 hours
One Direction
The boys in the group are not as sexualized as women are but are still objectified
In all their music videos, they are the focal point of the camera
Their job is to look good, sing, and dance
The structure of a boy band is always the same, young, good looking, white males.
the boys are the product and their music videos are just means of promoting themselves
even when they came out with a perfume, the box that the perfume comes in doesn't have a picture of a bottle on it.. instead, is covered with the faces of the boys.
Rap Music
Rappers such as 50 Cent and Snoop Dog grew up in low income areas
50 Cent grew up in Queens, NY
Therefore, he has to portray an image of a strong aggressive male in his music videos
Robin Thicke doesn’t have to portray an image of an aggressive tough male because he isn’t targeting the same audience.
representations in music videos are dependent on the audience it is targeting
Why gender is represented the way it is
Males dominate the industry.
The producers Luke Gottwald (dr. Luke)(40): (circuit) Henry Russell Walter (27). Director (Perry Richardson). (Original video approximately 600 million) (Directors cut 19 million)
Economic Reasons
The representations of gender that garner the most attention are the ones that challenge our traditional dominant fantasies
Power Dynamics
Terry Richardson is the highest paid photographer in the world
Sexual harassment claims
Models not protected because they are considered independent contractors
"It's not who you know, it's who you blow. I don't have a hole in my jeans for nothing." And “I was a shy kid, and now I’m this powerful guy with a boner, dominating all these girls.”
Coco Rocha, Jamie Peck, Chloë Sevigny
Men represented as aggressive and dominating whereas women are submissive and objectified
These dominant fantasies have affected the audience's perspective of male and female gender roles
music videos condition the audience to subscribe to the ideas represented in music videos and to consider them as a part of their dominant fantasies
Hip Hop
Women are encouraged to dance and dress provocatively, used as decoration on video sets, or are referred to vulgarly or smuttily
The video shows women being touched provocatively by men
It shows that men can judge women solely on their appearances and women should dress and behave like that to appeal to men
this can also lead to low self-esteem in adolescents
there is money being thrown everywhere and women there for that money to please men.
the message that we can get from this music video is that men are the dominant ones making the money and women wanting that luxury by selling themselves to these powerful men.

the clothing is also very important as it shows how men should look to attract women.
Sex sells and music videos have created a new element of publicity
artists have found sexuality a quick and easy way to attract the audience
female stereotypes based on physical appearances
In a study performed in 2007, "In the billboard top 100, six out of the top ten songs had lyrics that talked about a girl physically, like some sort of an object.
Men and women depicted as sexual objects
Candy Shop
50 Cent dominant figure in a brothel filled with women in minimal clothing wanting his attention
instilling and concentrating on negative stereotypes on women
traditional gender roles are evidently obvious
Bottoms Up
objectifies women as sexual object
minimal clothing and restricting ropes on women while male is confident and wealthy
attracting heterosexual males
Best I Ever Had
Drake is head coach (i.e. dominant)
provides women with lingerie looking uniform
video focuses on sweaty bodies of women as they stretch provocatively
more provocative than S&M
Rihanna's career is built on provocative images and seductive mannerisms
considered a sex icon due to her dancewear and nudity in the music videos
Rap Music
Ross thought is was fine rapping about drugging and raping a woman
focus was on frontal nudity
shows male strength and privilege when Thicke is whispering in the woman's ear that she wants it again
censored version has women wrapped in plastic wrap like disposable dolls
considered "pleasure" to degrade women
Kanye West
new record decried for its misogyny, but critiqued as brilliant, moving, and bold
reviews focused on Yeezus's potential sacrilege and scathing indictments of racism
younger men raised within feminist thoughts and respect towards women are the ones who deem it acceptable to degrade and debase women

"I don't need a man" Pussycat Dolls
The song is talking about how these girls don't need men to make them happy and all the grooming and pampering that they do is for their own happiness, a gift to themself by themselves
"Single" Natasha Bedingfield
This song shows a girl who is perfectly content being single and does not need a man to feel satisfied and content
"Miss Independent" Kelly Clarkson
This song shows that girls don't have to run after anyone for fulfillment, rather they live their life their own way and someone will appreciate them for who they are
"Stupid Girls" Pink
Pink wants women, or a nation of women to be strong, ambitious, and smart women and that we should strive for the best and be proud of who we are
"Bitch" Meredith Brooks
This song talks about how women can have many personalities and facets to themselves but whoever they are, they should not change themselves for a man or someone else
"There you go" Pink
This song has Pink that she has no qualms with letting her "man" go because she doesn't need a man to justify her worth
Women in Music Videos
By: Hena, Suraya, Kevin, Hasib, Abhi, Justin, and Anum
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