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Of Mice and Men

No description

Kathryn DeLapp

on 6 November 2017

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Transcript of Of Mice and Men

2 migrant workers search for success and happiness
George Milton and Lennie Smalls
does not comprehend his own strength or the consequences of using that strength.
dream of owning their own farm
Life and dreams are pointless without someone to share them with.

1. George and Lennie work together towards shared goal.

2. Lennie keeps spirits up while George keeps things in order.

3. George and Lennie lose it all when they lose each other.

YOU should read the book!
Breaks open the idea of prejudice and the dehumanization amid race, culture, gender, and economic class.
Prime example of the literary movement of naturalism (showing the world as it is).
Thought-provoking ending!
Plot Diagram
by John Steinbeck
Of Mice and Men
California, 1930s Dustbowl
George and Lennie - two migrant farmers
Other characters on the farm: Curley, Crooks, Candy, Slim, and Curley's wife
George is small and smart.
Lennie is big, child-like, and a lover of animals. He is not aware of his own strength.

Protagonists' goal: Own a farm together
Rising Action
Curley, the boss' son, immediately dislikes Lennie and picks a fight with him.
Lennie works hard and everyone is impressed despite his handicap.
Slim gives Lennie a puppy.
Lennie breaks Curley's hand on accident.
Lennie accidentally harms his puppy and Curley's wife.
Falling Action
Lennie runs away to hide at the river.
The workers gather with their shot guns to find and punish Lennie.
George kills Lennie in an attempt to save him from the others.
George is left alone in the world without a friend.
George will never achieve his dream without Lennie.
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