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RS232 communication with a microcontroller using LabVIEW

No description

J Andrea

on 3 October 2016

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Transcript of RS232 communication with a microcontroller using LabVIEW

RS232 communication with a microcontroller using LabVIEW
VISA configure serial port
Write or read serial port using LabView is achieved with a VISA session. Features are configured to communicate with a "VISA Serial Port Configuration" to match the microcontroller and computer. The reading is done with "VISA Read" and a "Property Node" to read the amount of data received. The writing is done with "VISA Write" only. In both cases the session closes with "VISA Close" and "Simple Error Handler
In order to connect signals TXD and RXD from a microcontroller to signals RXD and TXD on a PC a conversion between voltage levels is mandatory, and the unit for conversion must also invert the signals.

An integrated circuit like MAX232 (Maxim) can be used to convert the voltage levels and invert signals. The chip is placed next to the microcontroller; the principal diagram is given in Fig. 1.
Hardware requirements
PC computer
USB to TTL-RS232 converter cable
A pre-programmed microcontroller to read and write to serial port.
An integrated circuit like MAX232
There are many standards describing the connection between a PC and a microcontroller to exchange data (USB, RS232, GPIB...). The RS232 standard describes wires, connectors, and signals to make a simple and reliable data transfer. The hardware implementing this standard is available in most of contemporary microcontrollers.
In order to use the RS232 communication channel the program must first claim its resources by
“configuring” the channel. If the requested channel is free to be used then the program can either
“write” to or “read” from the opened channel. The program should release the claimed resources
before ending, and can do so by “closing” the channel.
Communication functions
in Labview
Writingthe serial port with a LabView VISA session
VISA Configure Serial Port
Reading the serial port with a LabView VISA session
Serial Port Reading
Writing to the
serial port
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