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September 11, 2001

9/11 Project

DaMaya Walker

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of September 11, 2001

9 - 1 - 1
We will never forget!

8:46 The first plane hits north tower of the World Trade Center
9:37 The third plane crashes into the face of the Pentagon.
The morning of September 11th, four airplanes were hijacked from American Airlines and United Airways.
9:03 The second plane hits south tower of the World Trade Center.
The south tower of World Trade Center collapses.
The north tower of the World Trade Center starts to collapse.
10:40 The fourth plane crashes in an empty field in Pennsylvania after four heroic passengers attacked the terrorist.
Ground Zero Then
Ground Zero Now
8:30 President Bush speaks to the nation about the attacks.
The Pentagon started to fall.
Timeline: www.history.com/topics/9-11
Picture 1: www.history.com/topics/9-11-timeline/photos#9-11-world-trade-center
Picture 2: www.youtube.com
Picture 3: www.harveysaks.com
Picture 4: www.kings academy.com
Picture 5: www.theatlantic.com
Picture 6: www.history.com/topics/9-11-timeline/photos#9-11-pentagon
Picture 7: www.history.com/topics/9-11-timeline/photos#9-11-pentagon
Picture 8: www.cnparm.hom.texas.net
Picture 9: www.911research.wtc7.net
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Picture 11: www.examiner.com
Picture 12: www.examiner.com
Picture 13: www.abovetopsecret.com
Picture Bush: www.beyondchron.org
Pictures Ground Zero: www.history.com/topics/groundzero/photos
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