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Positive Psychology Presentation

No description

Tim Law

on 20 April 2014

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Transcript of Positive Psychology Presentation


Tables are used as barriers

1.5M away from the table

3 coins are given each time

Place two tables the middle of the room

Rainbow: ~ 47cm, 4 colors

Red, Yellow, Green, Blue

3 activities:
The Magical broad
The regard on the card
Amazing rainbow
Activity 1: The magic board
For the writing and drawing parts:
According James Pennebaker studies,
Drawing or writing are actually beneficial to our mental health
For the connection between the optimism and mental health:
According Scheier and Carver,
Confiding in others or sharing one’s experiences can be therapeutic
Activity content and Operation
Positive Psychology Campaign
Across the rainbow
Acquire two whiteboard

Place it beside the door of the room that we are going to organize another activity
Offering four different colors of marker
Students can write or draw anything they are considered as positive or optimistic on the board
For the reward
A Chupa Chups
Duty and Responsibility
One teammates maintain basic order or the flow of activity
Another teammate is function as a supporting
All of the pictures and sentences must be contain:
Following element are not allow:
Foul languages
Sexually harassment
Offensive language to particular person,
Positive or optimistic messages
Hate speech or racism statement
Followed up
We will clean up the whiteboard if there are not enough space for others students to write or draw anything
During the activity
Take a photo of the board which filled up with the students sentences or picture
After we finished
Share some of the photos during the presentation
Positive outcome
The response of the activity is significant

The board is full of pictures and sentences which is:
Students are enjoying the activity
Suggestions for Improvement
During the activity
During Preparation
During the activity
Activity 2: Regard on the Card
Activity 3: Amazing Rainbow
Aims and objective
Total budget
Class 04 Group 4
Chan Ka Wing (10549213)
Sin Lok Yee (10555628)
Chan Mei Kei (10556027)
Chow Ngan Sang (10555312)
Lau Hon Ban (10549969)
Law Wai Leong (10555890)
Wong Leung Kit (10550239)
Wu Hiu Fung (10555418)
Yip Wai Kin (10556035)
Yu Ka Ki (10553921)
The End
Feel free to ask questions
Q & A section
Cannot obtain a movable whiteboard for the activity
Students may attracted by the activity of Amazing Rainbow
Replace the Chupa Chups by some reward that consider as more attractive
Adding interactive elements into the activity, for example: Pictionary
Use paper instead of the whiteboard
Place it on table or wall which is outside of the classroom
Appreciation of others
Aims and objectives
Raise participants’ positive moods
Promote an idea to look at the positive sides of things
Improve their confidence by learning self-appreciation
Appreciation of others
Aims at create a supportive atmosphere by writing cards to our fellow schoolmates in this campus
Show social support and gratitude, which brings positive health outcomes to us.
D.I.Y (Do It Yourself ) -- Creativity
Design the appreciation card

Creativity cures can foster happiness if we have movement, mind rest and opportunities for use our two hands to write or express something

(Barron & Barron, 2012)
Expected Outcome
We hope participants enjoy the process of writing self-appreciation
It helps them achieve happiness by having more self-confidence
It also enhances their positive moods to deal with difficulties in school or even in future.
Express their gratitude, empathy and forgiveness to their friends or lecturers.
Thus, a supportive atmosphere is created in this campus to help students relieve their academic stress.

Activity content
Positive feedback
Many students think that cards are very beautiful

We showed clearly according to different colors and types of the cards
Many students said that they enjoy the process of expressing

Realize what things that they appreciate for themselves as well as their friends
The area of D.I.Y. corner is smaller than other activities + location is unfavorable
Cannot attract students to play
Some students are just play “Amazing Rainbow” and then go out
Not enough promotion of this activity, we just post a A5 size poster in front of the table
No reward for this activity
Some participants feel shy for writing appreciation cards and do not want to write
Not special enough

Suggestions for Improvement
We should use more posters and stick on the doors and tables so that people can be easily aware and participate in this activity.

One member should promote this activity to students who have just played “Amazing Rainbow” or “Magic Board”

Theoretical Framework

Stress and positive moods (Gaynor, 2002; Halpern & Savary, 1985)
Activates regions of the brain involved in the experience of pleasure (Salimpoor, 2011)
Some music is physiologically harmful
(McCraty, Barrios-Choplin, Atkinson, & Tomasino, 1998)
Preparation and operation
1 teammate in charge
Approach changed (absolute music requested song)
Evaluation of music and balloons
Promotion effect
Lighten the atmosphere
Participants sing along
Song selection
(not popular)
Suggestions for improvement

Play more popular songs
Participants to request songs
Aims and objective

Provide a pathway for HKU SPACE students to express their pressures

Sending out an optimistic message to all students or teachers in HKU SPACE community college.
Encouraging students
Expected outcome
Having fun and enjoyable
student can release the pressure during writing down sentences or drawing picture which can reflect their emotions
Overall improvement
Room Decoration
-- Colorful Balloons
Certain colors are identified to associate with certain moods:
Blue – calming, comforting, soothing
Green – refreshing, quiet, natural, calming
Orange – distressing, stimulating, exciting
Red – stimulating, exciting
Yellow – cheerful, stimulating
(Gopal, 2012)

Preparation and operation
Filling up all the balloons before the activities start and place them on the wall of the game room
The position of the balloons changed
(on the wall on the floor)
Lights are added on the door
Broken balloons
(Loud noisy)
Get better quality balloons
In first day, the location of this activity is near the “Magic Board”, some students take part in “Magic Board” and join this activity.
Reduce students stress levels

Help students achieving happiness through this game
Have fun in college life and recall their happy childhood in amusement park
Activity content
Process of creating the rainbow
Created by Tony
Art papers
A4 papers
Beautiful cards
6 colors pens, 2 sign pens

Draw something or write down words for self-appreciation or appreciation to others

4 levels

Level 1&2 : Snacks

Level 3 : Drink

Level 4 : Stationary

Three or Four teammates in charge

Clear explanation on rules

Check carefully whether the participants winning or not

We encourage and appreciate to play again

Design of rainbow (size, color)

Printed ~ 20 rainbows for running the game

Prepare 20 coins for the game

We should put the table in the center of the room.
More students will play attention to this activity
Add attractive rewards for students who take part in this activity
Expected Outcome
A place for relaxing and releasing their pressures

Experience the process of success or loss through the game

The game is attractive

Proud of having reward (Level 3 : Stationary)

Students enjoy playing the activity

Awards have been displayed on the poster to promote this activity


Difficult to get reward
Promotions :
Suggestions for Improvement
Reduce the difficulty

Reduce the distance between throwing position
and the rainbows

Prepare more coins

more participant can participate at the same time

Follow-up activities

After the game, bring them to participate in other
activities like magic board and the regard on the card

The improvements of activity content :
Cancel ''The regard of the card'' activity

Focus on other two activities
Run smoothly and effectively
More promotion
Overall improvement
According to Csikszentmihalyi (1990)

Personal challenge of an activity pushes one’s skill level
Intense focused concentration is required, then conditions are right for flow
Demands are high and skills are low, person will feel anxious
Demands are low and skills are high, person will feel bored
Demands of a situation present a challenge

During the game,

Not require high level of skill/ any professional technique
Reward like drinks, snacks does not have too high or low demands
Present a challenge to a person’s skills that they think they can achieve.
They will try to challenge themselves

Total budget for activities:

Magic White board = $ 85
The regards of card $ 60 + $12 +$140= $212
Amazing rainbows $ 9.6+ $43.6+$ 120+$150 +$ 150=$ 473.2

Total budget for decorations:

Colorful Balloons $ 0.5 X 40= 20
Music $ 0

Total Cost:
$ (Activities part) + $20 (Decorations part) = $ 790.2


Theoretical Framework :Self-appreciation
'Appreciating ourselves give a sense of who we are, what we have to offer and our value.’’(Robbins, 2007, p.140).

Improve one’s self-confidence by writing something to appreciate ourselves.

Broaden-and build model of positive emotions, being more appreciative and aware of what life happening is one of the ways to improve positive emotions and feeling (Compton & Hoffman, 2013)

Theoretical framework: Appreciation of others
Writing encouraging cards can show our appreciation to our friends, which helps gain social support.

It brings some positive health outcomes, such as greater resistance to disease (Salovey, 2000).

Writing appreciation cards to someone can help us express our gratitude, which contributes to our well-being.

Gratitude is an emotion or attitude, which helps increase perceived social support and lower stress and depression (Emmons & McCullough, 2003; Wood et al. 2008).

Ceate a ‘gratitude visit’
Compassion and empathy can be shown to participants’ friends by writing cards.

More satisfaction with life and more positive relationships (Gruhn et al., 2008).

Write some caring words about their friends’ academic, social relationship and physical health problems for developing a sense of empathy.

Promotes their well-being and fosters healthy and supportive interpersonal relationships (McCullough, 2000).

Set up “Positive psychology student association”

Set up regular counter Play games

Extra suggestion
Vice chair (internal)
Vice chair (external)

Structure of the society


Place to store the materials in the specific place which provided by SU

Obtain membership fee to continuous our society and activities (can join the activities)


$50/two people

According to hope theory,

Well-being is enhanced well-developed goals ,believe they have the capacities and resources to reach them(Rand & Cheavens, 2009).

Based on the premise that hope drives the emotions that define well-being (Lopez, Floyd, Ulven, & Synder, 2000)

When student engage in the game:

set goals as getting the reward
overcome the difficulty during throwing the coins
focus on more concrete and immediate goals
greater happiness

Optimists had a tendency to use problem-focused coping strategies to deal with challenges and stress.
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