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Self Introduction

To all of my classmates, it's nice to meet you!

Marci Skinner

on 5 June 2010

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Transcript of Self Introduction

Self Introduction About Me:

Hello all! My name is Marci Skinner and I am origionally from the Rio Grande Valley. I have lived in Corpus Christi off and on since I graduated High School in 2000. I have a daugher who turned 7 yesterday! As of Christmas, I am also recently engaged! I attented the University of Texas Pan-American and earned my BS in English with a minor in Communications. I have always wanted to teach and this is why I am here! After graduating in December of 09', I jumped right in and got involved with the MAC program in January of 2010. I am working on my certification and seeking a degree in Secondary Educacation. My happy Family! Hopefully I will begin my internship teaching Langauge Arts at the secondary level by the fall. If not, I will contintue subtituting for CCISD and keep trying! I am looking forward to this class and the chance to learn about all of you, here's to a great session! Me! Where I'm From... Kya Education My Pets:

This is Sasha, I adopted her
from the GCHS. This is Andy, a dog we are
fostering for, For the Love of
Strays. My Fiance! The Rio Grande Valley University of Texas
Pan-American, Go Broncs! Sean
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