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Zhang Ailing

No description

Michaela W

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Zhang Ailing

By: Zhang Ailing
Sealed Off
Zhang Ailing
-Cuiyan is the first in the story to think and "wake up" from the dream that everyone in Shanghai is living in
the waking up of consciousness to the remembrance of its original nature; being aware
Colonialism in Eileen Chang's writing
Nationalism Vs. Communism
The dimensions of the symbolic title "Sealed Off"

Symbolism of "Sealed Off"
-Shanghai "sealed off"
-Divided China
-Invasions from Japan
-Countless Casualties
Fantasy Vs. Reality
Rachel Romo, Michaela Wright, Carina Howard
- Also known as Eileen Chang
- 1920-1995

Culture and Symbolism
-Lived during Second-Sino Japanese War 1937-1945
-People in tramcar are "sealed off" from each other
-Zongzhen and Cuiyan are "sealed off" from everyone else
-Cuiyan and Zongzhen are "sealed off" from their families and coworkers
-"sealed off" from reality
- Neither Cuiyan nor Zongzhen is satisfied with their present reality, but they discover their fantasies upon conversing
Rebellion against parents
Entrapment within family and professional enviroment
Unhappy Marriage
- The Graded Paper
- The Glasses
-The Tramcar
- The Alarm Bell
-Zongzhen and Cuiyan fall in love when they confide in each other that they know the life that they lead isn't "real"
-Mindlessness in Shanghai
- "The whole city of Shanghai had dozed off and dreamed an unreasonable dream."
Alternate Ending:
Lü Zongzhen arrived at home just in time for dinner. While he ate, he was looking over his daughter’s grade report, which had just been sent. He still remembered what had happened on board the tram, but his memory of Cuiyuan’s face was already a little blurred –- there simply had not been anything memorable about that face. He could not remember anything of what she had said, yet he clearly remembered what he had been saying, in his gentle tone
“How -- how old are you?” And then, impassionedly: “I cannot let you sacrifice your future.”
When he had finished his dinner, he rubbed his face with a hot towel. He walked into the bedroom, and turned on the light. A black bug had been crawling from this end of the room to the other. It had only crawled half way when Zongzhen had turned on the light, and was now sitting motionlessly in the middle of the floor. Was it feigning death? What was it thinking? Crawling back and forth all day, it surely had little time for thinking. And even so, at the end of the day, its thinking would probably amount to little more than suffering and pain. Zongzhen turned off the light. Still holding the switch, his hand began to sweat. Then, his entire body started to sweat and he felt as if insects were crawling all over him. He turned the light back on, but the black bug had disappeared. It had returned to its hideout.

"A memorable moment, an encounter with a stranger, can happen anywhere, and though it may not alter our daily habits, the encounter allows us to have an honest, playful, and self-revealing change."
-Wrote several books and short stories that were made into movies.
Second Sino-Japanese War
-Nationalist Vs. Communist
-Divided in civil war and Japan saw an opportunity to capitalize
-Eileen Chang was rebellious and anti-Nationalistic
-She was unpopular after the war because she was dating a traitor
-Much like Cuiyan, she came from a wealthy and noble family
-We see her anti-nationalism in her writing. Cuiyan gives her student an "A" for writing about how terrible the big city was when the Nationalists' foundation was modernization.
The short story, Sealed off is set in Shanghai Japan during the time of the Second World War. A tramcar stopped while an air raid alarm bell rings in an emergency for the city. The city of Shanghai goes completely quiet as the alarm bell rings, forcing those stuck on the tramcar to just wait. The two main characters stuck on this car were Lu Zongzhen, who is a middle-aged accountant and family man , and Wu Cuiyuan, who is a lonely English teacher. These two passengers on the tram develop are very interesting relationship of which is inappropriate for a so-called family man. they each try and occupy there time with different things trying to keep busy. They end up talking alot and becoming close with one another. Cuiyuan gives Lu Zongzhen his phone number. Then the alarm bell sounds again putting the tram car back in motion. When the tramcar restarts its passage Zongzhen suddenly leaves out of the blue.
Main Characters
Lu Zongzhen - ( main character) is a middle-aged accountant and family man with a wife and kids
Wu Cuiyuan - (main character) is a lonely English teacher
Group Activity!
If you open your fortune cookie you will find a quote from the text. Read it carefully and find out what you think it means. You have five minutes to think it over before you share with the class.
Enjoy the Cookie!
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