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SCEEP Portfolio Presentation: Donovan Dennis

This is a current, brief summary about Donovan Dennis, in terms of what distinguishes him as a person.

Donovan Dennis

on 28 September 2013

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Transcript of SCEEP Portfolio Presentation: Donovan Dennis

Donovan Michael Dennis
"The calm and balanced mind is the strong and great mind,
the hurried and agitated mind is the weak one."
-Wallace D. Wattles-
Brief Introduction
Born in Detroit (09/12/1994)
Currently residing in Southfield, Michigan
16 years of age
What defines ME?
Extracurricular Commitments
Community Service
My Passions
Personal Motto
Application Essays
Summer camps
I attend a S.T.E.M. focused, college-preperatory, public high school. Because this school was established in 2008, I will be apart of the inaugural class.
Rank: 12/66
Un-weighted: 3.49
Weighted: 3.75
11th Grade Courses:

AP Eng Lang & Comp
World History and Geography
Leadership Training
Leadership (study hour)
Mandarin 3
Spanish 3
(Tentative)12th Grade Courses:

Senior Comp & Lit
Goverment (half)
Psychology (half)
Senior Leadership Seminar
AP Spanish
AP Statistics
AP Chemistry
Mandarin 4
Continuous Improvement
My mother is Adrienne Peterson
Detroit, Michigan (1972/03/22)
Raymond James Financial, Inc.
Attended Wayne State University
My father is Harold Dennis
Toledo, Ohio (1967/ 08/25)
Priority Mortgage Lending Corp.
Attended University of Toledo
Kappa League 09/08 – present; Board Member
M.R.E.A.C.H. 09/08 – present; Project Manager
Student Congress 9/08 – present; Member
National Honor Society 11/09 – present; Member
Foreign Languages Club 9/08 – present; Senior President
DAPCEP Teen Group 9/09 – present; Secretary
Dean’s Directorate 9/08 – present; Member
MITE 2009
Michigan Tech University 2010
(Engineering Scholars and
Southfield Youth programs)
MREACH Summer Business Academy 2010
MITE 2010
Leadership Camp
SCEEP 2011
Employment History
Papa John’s Pizza 5/09
-helped make pizzas and advertised for the business for the weekend
Rochester Hills Art Fair fall ’08 & spring ‘09
-assisted the vendors with their needs and ran the information booth
UHSA: Magna Cum Laude 9/08 – 6/09
Academic Excellence in Economics 5/09
Southfield Youth Assistance Award 5/09
Poetic Power Published Aunthor 2010
Kroger Black History Winning Poet 2/10
Kappa League – “Kyle Singer Leadership Award” 6/10
MREACH: "Best Team Dynamics" 7/10
Kappa League – “Student of the Year” 4/11
Academic Excellence in Foreign Languages 5/11
Kappa League – “Kyle Singer Leadership Award” 6/11
DAPCEP – Leadership Award 6/11
Poetic Power Published Poet 2011
Kappa League Thanksgiving Food Drive 11/08-10
- distributed food baskets and turkeys to families in need
Michigan First Credit Union “Santa Day” 12/09-10
- helped families with activities and aided in picture taking with Santa
Haiti Fundraiser Dinner 1/10 & 2/5/11
- served food at a dinner that raised money for Haitian relief victims
Gleaners Food Bank 2/10
- prepared food boxes for the needy
Southfield Volunteer Day 4/10
-helped clean up a local school’s yard
WGPR 107.5FM “Hello Detroit” 1/15/11
-guest hosted a talk show about MLK Day, my academic successes, and my mentor/mentee experience
Youth Forum Discussion 2/19/11
-moderated a black history panel discussion with youth on current affairs
"Success is determined not by whether or not you face obstacles, but by your reaction to them. And if you look at these obstacles as a containing fence, they become your excuse for failure. If you look at them as a hurdle, each one strengthens you for the next."

-Ben Carson (Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story)
Role Models
"…the brain can process two million bits of information per second. It remembers everything you've ever seen, everything you've ever heard…"
-Dr. Benjamin Carson
My Personal Motto:
Donovan Michael Dennis
Email: donovan.dennis.uhsa@gmail.com

Cellular: (248)-302-8432

Address: 16217 Hilton Street
Southfield, MI. 48075
Personal Essay:
College of Engineering Essay:
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