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Measuring quality in Sports development

No description

Jakob Singh

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of Measuring quality in Sports development

Measuring quality in Sports development
Measuring quality
Self assessment
self assessment is an effective way of measuring quality because you are a reliable source of an opinion when judging your own performance. This is because you know best as to when you are performing at your best and when you are not playing up to standard. This can help you to identify trends so that you perform at your best. for example you will be able to prepare in the same way as another time that you prepared in that way and felt good about your performance.
National governing schemes
this means basing your assessment of your performance on an external assessment where a governing body/company collects data on your performance which can then allow you to have a basis in which to target your training in order to iron out any weaknesses. this links to an external audit which is similar and is done for the same purpose.
One benefit of this is that a company will be non-biased and you can use the data to help your performance with help from someone who you don't know which can result in better performance. Also if the company came in and found that the initiative you are involved with then it will spread the word about the initiative and help through more people finding out about the good work that the initiative is doing. as long as the publicity is positive then so will the effects on the initiative.
In my opinion quest is the best of the companies that offer this service is quest. this is because i believe that this company offers the best service in comparison to Club Mark in particular. this is because on the website quest states these are the benefits of using their service:
Quest can help achieve best value, through the external assessment and benchmarking of services
A framework for continuous improvement, providing service enhancement and reducing the costs of poor quality
Financial improvement to performance, through a planned approach to improved effectiveness
Encouraging staff ownership and development.
these are reasons for choosing quest and in my opinion the decision will be wise because the benefits that you will gain will make up for any weaknesses with using a service like quest and ultimately it will help you reach your goals as an initiative and also as an individual.
One disadvantage is the cost as it will be expensive to hire out a company which will be using funds. also you are not guaranteed that the work you pay for will have a positive effect on a performer or participant which means that you are paying for a service that you are not guaranteed to get your moneys worth out of.
there are company's that offer this service. An example is Quest who will externally collect data on a client or a team in order for them to analyze the data so they can improve based on the results. In sports development this kind of help towards improving your performance is vital in order to focus your practice which will allow you to effectively work towards your goal.
quality means how effective an initiative is and how successful participants are within this means improving performance as well as improving the efficiency of the organisation
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