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Keep It, Change It, Flip It...

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Rita Kienle

on 14 September 2014

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Transcript of Keep It, Change It, Flip It...

Flipped Learning
There is no
correct flipped classroom! You have to do what works best with your students in your classroom.
Why Flip?
Keep It, Change It, Flip It...
Shift in Focus
"Good teaching cannot be reduced to one technique; good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher."
Parker Palmer

Is a pedagogical approach in which direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space, and the resulting group space is transformed into a dynamic, interactive learning environment where the teacher guides students as they apply concepts and engage creatively in the subject matter.
- The Flipped Learning Network

work at their own pace
will not miss important pieces of information from class even when they are present
will not miss critical lessons when absent (sick, sports)
help students who are not completing homework correctly at home because they forget how to do it
higher levels of engagment
work directly with students (one-on-one and small groups)
give real-time feedback at point of need
no longer spending extra hours tutoring and re-explaining to students who didn't "get it" in class
Class Instruction
Flipped Class Instruction
teacher teaches lesson in class
students take notes
students receive some guidance and practice in class
students complete assignment/problems independently at home
teacher teaches students at home
students come to class ready to apply, discuss, and make connections with the content
students receive support, help, and clarification from teacher and classmates as needed
Flipping doesn't have to always be videos and screencasts! Flipping includes:
textbook material
images, models, demonstratons
Before you begin...
What is the best use of my face-to-face time with my students for this particular lesson/unit?

Is it with
Direct Instruction
in class? (Lecture)

Is it with an
In-Class Flip
and then working with students individually or small groups on activities related to the lesson or focus on different course content? (Station or Whole Class)

Is it with
Flip Instruction
at home and then working in class with students as they practice, apply, and focus on deeper meaning and connections?
Lesson Planning
and Delivery
1. Content delivery needs to be clear, concise and to the point.
personality, joke
voice inflection
image of you
students need guidance
students need expectations
focus on most important aspects of the lecture
no interruptions
take notes
guided notes
complete a WSQ (watch, summarize, question)
complete examples
response to prompt
reflective piece
3. Content should not exceed 12 minutes (ideally under 10).

2 Clear objectives and purpose for each lesson needs to be presented.
4. Students need to be engaged in the learning.
Teacher Created Material
Content Delivery
Flip Classroom Toolbox
GoogleForms with YouTube
Video Camera

Learning Management System
Flipping is just another teaching strategy!
Pre-Made Material
Engaging, Collaborative, Critical Thinking, Classroom Activity
Supporting Material
How we started?
What we have learned?
1. Communication with parents in the beginning is crucial. This is new for them too!

2. If using videos, keep them short, on one topic, and take the time to teach students how to watch the videos.

3. Explain expectations to students and hold them accountable. Don't re-teach the students that did not do their flipped assignment.

4. Flipping instruction takes a lot of time and teachers need time and instructional and technical support.
At Trinity Prep, we are always striving to find ways to support our students in their learning and help them develop into reflective, responsible, and self-directed learners. Flipped instruction is one teaching strategy that will help us achieve this goal.
Our Plan for Next Year
Offer Professional Development on Flipped Instruction. Continue to offer Flipped PD and Flipped portions of our faculty meetings.

Support teachers that would like to explore flipped instruction as a teaching strategy. Discuss possibility of a modified flip (not doing flipped instruction every night).

Assist teachers that flipped last year in evaluating and refining their lessons, improving communicaton with parents, increasing student accountability.
Rita Kienle
Trinity Preparatory School
Winter Park, Florida
Instructional Technology Facilitator
Share your thoughts, comments and expertise.
Join our Keep It, Change It, Flip It group for flipping tech tools, resources, and this presentation.
group code: w27sfd
One teacher - Whole Class Flip
A few teachers - In-Class Flip
A few teachers - Flipped a few lessons
Experimented with Flipped PD
2013-14: Small Group
2014-15: Open to all Interested Faculty

2012-13: Few Teachers

A few teachers came back from a conference and wanted to experiment.
Substitute Plans
Flipping a few lessons
More Flipped PD
Offer Instructional and Technical Support
Collaborate with last year's group to refine and improve
Begin discussions on Flipped Mastery
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