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Bizops Business Model Canvas

No description

Stefan Will

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of Bizops Business Model Canvas

Business Opportunity Locator
Market Segments
Small Businesses (672K businesses with employees opening each year)
Economic Development Agencies (Approx. 3,000 chambers of commerce across US)
Commercial Property Investors (Over 10,000 across US)
Web Site
Partner API
Mobile App
Search Marketing
Advertising in Trade Publications
Direct Sales
Pricing Model
Help business owners identify the best location for their businesses
Match aspiring entrepreneurs' skill sets to existing opportunities
Help investors and economic development departments attract businesses, chambers of commerce drive membership
Provide a more cost effective option

Year One:
Focus on small businesses who want to use our product to identify optimal locations to expand into

Year Two:
Develop the SaaS model and sell to municipalities, commercial property investors, and other specialized consulting firms in parallel

Five Year Goals:
Become the premier tool used for location analysis and business opportunity recognition based on location and demographics.
Have a three tiered tool that allows individuals to use an open source version, individuals and companies to pay for tailored reports, and municipalities and larger entities to purchase a SaaS version
Competitive Strategy
Value Proposition
Online competitors include:
Most offer search based on census data, but requires prior knowledge of what is being searched for
Little available at the municipal level
Also: professional site selection consultants (expensive and out of reach for most small business owners)
Growth Strategy
Data Providers - Reliable and Updated Regularly
Business Information
(Factual, Yellow Pages)
Census Related Data
(ACH, Decennial)
Data Provided by Others
(Regional Local Entities)
Data Providers
(Business/Industry Groups)

Data Consumers - Consumers of Data
Business Industry Groups
Local/Regional Economic Development Groups
Capital Providers (Banks Crowdfunding Groups)
To be competitive we need to have a broad view of this opportunity and bring a cross disciplinary approach.

Bring together Open Data and Business Data providing a snapshot of a community and the services available to consumers

Create a platform for industry analytics that enhance existing and creates new markets for goods and services

Bring together economic development, product/service placement analysis and data together

Leverage the wealth of existing business data to make location recommendations
Year One Budget Projections

Licensing Data $2,400
Hosting $15,000
Product Development $50,000 (contract developers at est. $80/hr)

TOTAL $67,400

Year Two Budget Projections

Licensing Data $4000
Hosting $20,000
Product Development $70,000
Sales $40,000 (online, contract person at $25/hr)

TOTAL $134,000
SBA (http://www.sba.gov/sites/default/files/FAQ_Sept_2012.pdf)
ACCE (http://www.acce.org/whatisachamber/)
RC Analytics (https://www.rcanalytics.com/tools/top-100-most-popular-commercial-real-estate-investors.aspx)
Free Basic Functionality to the End User
Fees for Detailed Reports
Recurring license fees for white label (chambers of commerce) (SaaS model)
Advertising/Lead Generation Revenue (for professionals offering their services)
Competitive Advantage

Big Data Analytics and Predictive Modeling
All Relevant Data in one Place
Cost Effective, simple interface

Top Business Categories near Coffee Shops
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