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Hunter Turner

on 2 May 2011

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Transcript of Outliers

Outliers The Factors of Success
-Passion Timing Location Skills Passion "A fellow who has a funny bone
can learn to hone his skills, but
I don't think you can develop a
funny bone - you either have it
or you don't. And by the way -
when you get it, we don't know it."
- Carl Reiner Passion is what drives us.
It is the fuel in which our
spirit needs to survive.
Passion is what drives
us to do crazy things, things
that we would not do otherwise.
Without passion, the taste of our
success is plain and meaningless. Does Location Really Matter? Each and every one of these factors
is essential to obtaining success. And
like a computer, if it is lacking in one
area, it cannot function. Everyone
desires success, at school, work, interests,
ect. Success is the gateway to the future,
and without it, we cannot move forward.
This novel has analyzed the fundamentals
of success, and have taught me how it
is achieved. Success is not magically
obtained by a series of random events.
It is gained by certain conditions and
circumstances. As popular as the quote
"Timing is everything" is,
it is not fully true. In the
category of success, timing,
along with many other factors,
are required for the full fulfillment
of success. While timing is still
extremely important, it is not
everything. Steve Jobs revolutionized
the computer industry due to his
timing, but it was also his talents
and passions that changed the world. The answer is yes..
If Steve Jobs was
born in the same
time, and had the same
talents and interests,
but was born in China,
then he would probably
have never made an impact
on the world through his
success. Location plays a
veryimportant part in
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