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BHS Agriculture Classes 2013-2014

Take a peek at the agriculture classes that will be offered at BHS for the 2012-2013 school year!

Callie Randolph

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of BHS Agriculture Classes 2013-2014

Classes for
2013- 2014 Agriculture... Give Agriculture at BHS a Try!!! Sign up for
an Agriculture Class Next Year :) You will be surprised at
everything you will learn! isn't just sows, cows & plows! Take the
opportunity to try something new! There is no longer an introduction to agriculture class. With this change, freshmen are invited to take any of the following classes:
*Ecology & Natural Resources
*Ag Power I Horticulture - Learn the basics of landscaping, commercial greenhouse prodution & plant biology

Ecology & Natural Resources - wildlife, nature & environmental issues

Small Engine Repair - two & four cycle engine theory, parts & tools, troubleshoot, welding Classes for Under classmen Horticulture & Ecology Small Engines Join the FFA!!! Lots of FUN activities!!! Contests, meet new people, go to club meetings,
develop leadership skills, travel, earn SCHOLARSHIPS and have a great time! Leadership - personal & group, etiquette, public speaking

Ag Business - Basic economics, management skills & styles, marketing ag products, business laws & employability skills Leadership & Ag Business Ag Power Ag Power & Technology - woodworking, FFA history, parliamentary procedure, public speaking, welding, small engines & electrcity Loved taking the agriculture classes you just saw?? Then, you're in luck! Upper classmen can take any of the following classes:
*Agriculture Business I & II
*Small Engines
*Ag Power II
*Horticulture II
*Ecology II Upper Classmen Agriculture Classes
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