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PEST Analysis. (No Pork on my Fork)

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Yasmine Moussa

on 30 March 2013

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Transcript of PEST Analysis. (No Pork on my Fork)

Political factors! Politics in Senegal takes place within the framework of a semi-presidential, democratic republic.
Today Senegal has a democratic political culture, being part of one of the most successful democratic transitions in Africa.
The political system affects all organizations and determines the context within which businesses operate. Economic factors! -Senegal’s lack of resources, weak infrastructure, inhospitable investment environment, and widespread poverty are all factors that contribute to the country’s bleak economic future.

-Senegal’s economy relies on the service sector, which constitutes 65% of the GDP, and the growing areas of telecommunications and tourism.

-Agriculture contributes around 17% of the GDP, and 70% of the population resides in rural areas. This sector however, is vulnerable to unpredictable weather and has been affected by lack of proper energy and water infrastructures

-Furthermore, it is highly vulnerable to declining rainfall, desertification, and changes in world commodity prices.

-Unemployment remains a crucial problem, especially for the young whose employment rate is 25% below that of adults.

-Population below poverty line: 54% Social Factors! Opportunity: The predominant religion of Senegal is Islam. (About 94% of population are Muslims).

Threat: there is social unrest in Senegal. There had been tension for a year with people protesting against high costs, education system, health services and others.

Threat: 1% believes in Animism.

Opportunity: There are medical benefits for workers like medicines, hospitalizations, appliances and others.

Opportunity :Accidents are covered when they are commuted to and from work.

Opportunity: Senegalese cuisine excludes pork Technological Factors! No Pork on My Fork PEST analysis Aya Hassan, Farah Hossam, Fatema Ali, Yasmine Moussa - "Senegal has a dense and well maintained road network which can ensure the smooth movement of people and goods."

- "Senegal has an excellent telecommunications infrastructure, which is digitized." (INTERNET)

- "Senegal is committed to shifting from a diesel-based power generation to cheaper energy sources."

- Malaria is the largest cause of death in Senegal. Bibliography:

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