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Wind Power

No description

ahmed azaz

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Wind Power

Introduction - All renewable energy ultimately comes from the sun .

- The earth receives 1.74 x 10^17 watts of power from the sun.

- About 1 or 2 % of this energy(3.48 x10^15) is converted to wind energy
which is about 50-100 times more than the energy converted to biomass by
all plants on earth. History Ancient persian origins The first windmill was made in7th century in persia ( iran ) With industrial progress in Europe and the depending on steam power and fossil fuels, but the wind that brought us to the discovery of the New World -25000 MW =10% of Germany needs of electricity come from wind .
-it is intended to be totally free of fossil fuels by the year 2050 MARSA MATROH - 25100 MW
-the second largest producer of wind power
- wind energy is a major factor in the economic growth of the country.
Evolved in the Netherlands in 1185 and 1345. Then evolved in 1990 and 2000 in Denmark and Germany classification of of wind turbine Wind turbine generators Other design considerations 2-Large generators 2-Horizontal Axis Wind turbine * Require less force to turn than a larger
ones, but give much lower power output.
*Less efficient

i.e.. If you fit a large wind turbine rotor with a small generator it will be producing electricity during many hours of the year, but it will
capture only a small part of the energy
content of the wind at high wind speeds. * Very efficient at high wind speeds, but
unable to turn at low wind speeds.

i.e.. If the generator has larger coils, and/or a stronger internal magnet, it will require more force (mechanical) to start in motion Egypt Alza'frana windmill plant *Wind power generators convert wind energy (mechanical energy) to electrical energy.
*The generator is attached at one end to the wind turbine, which provides the mechanical energy.
At the other end, the generator is connected to the electrical grid.
* The generator needs to have a cooling system to make sure there is no overheating.
AVoiding Cavitation

a high starting torque To Piston Pump Starting

Wind Mill Speed Must exceed 7 mph. Rotor blades Brake the survival speed Position
Needing Of Cooling System Gearbox Tower Support structure

Much Higher Much Stronger Winds

Power Increases Generator
Basic of Generator
*Most commonly used generator is the induction generator Disadvantages Advantages Advantage & Disadvantage of wind power components of gear type wind turbine. • renewable & free energy source .
•Clean , do not produce greenhouse gases, CO, NOx
• easy and inexpensive to maintain.

• reduce dependency on fossil fuels, nuclear power
• On and Off Sure Availability

Variation in Electricity Sources * Noise problems
be heard at distances at least as great as 2.5km.

* Power availability problems ,The wind does not blow all the time.

* Environmental problems
Wind turbines do kill some birds and bats .

* Other problems
Wind turbines can cause problems with television reception and cause interference to weather radar installations. wind power calculation of power Power/m^2 = 6.1 x 10^-4 x v^3 *The power in wind is proportional to the cubic wind speed ( v^3 ).
~ because Kinetic energy of an air mass is proportional to v^2
~ Amount of air mass moving past a given point is proportional to wind velocity (v) Calculation of Power Funny Netherlands Germany United states 35000 MW = 2% of American electricity come from wind China Iran Egypt Egypt produces 230 MW of wind power .
In 2007, An ambitious plan to cover 20% of the generated electricity by renewable energy by 2020, including a 12% contribution from wind energy, translated to about 7200 MW grid-connected wind farms. Main components Thank you Questions ???
:))) Applications of windmill windmill as water pump How It Works ? A windmill consists of:

15 to 40 steel blades

A gear box mechanism

A piston pump 1-Vertical Axis Small Turbine Large Turbines Numbers Design Lift and Drag Types Of Brakes Function of Brakes measurement wind gauge or anemometer counts the number of rotations per minute and converts miles per hour Speed Sensor •The ambient air velocity, which is variable

•The rotational design speed of wind turbine

•The type of wind turbine

•The size of wind turbine

blade diameter

range of 20-45% Efficiency of Wind Turbine blade diameter The size of wind turbine ( KE =0.5* M * V^2 )
Substitute for M ( Density ρ * Vol ) to obtain: KE = .5* (ρ Density* Vol) * V^2

And Vol can be replaced by A * D to give: KE = .5* (ρ Density* A * D) * V^2

And D can be replaced by V * T to give: KE = .5* (ρDensity * A * V * T) * V^2

Leaving us with: KE = .5* Density ρ * V^3 * A * T Power = KE / T .5* Density * V^3 * A = Power / A = .5 * Density * V^3 Why Turbine Coloured with White Or Grey Only ? Speed Effect Denmark * Denmark is a pioneer in developing commercial wind
*50% of the wind turbines around the world are produced by Danish manufacturers (vesta and siemens).
* Wind power provided 24.5% of electricity production Denmark. Different in pressure is the main reason for movment of air .
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