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"Persepolis" Plot Structure

No description

Hannah Nam

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of "Persepolis" Plot Structure

Activity: Step 1 "Persepolis"
Plot Structure •Protagonist:
1.What do we know about this character?
- We know that this character’s name is Marjane and she is energetic and active. She wears a scarf that covers her hair. She lives with her parents and grandmother.
2.What is this character inspired by? Be as specific as possible.
- Marjane is inspired by God, he tells her what she did is wrong and helpe her out of the depression. Marjane is inspired by justice because when she was young, she contributed to any protesting groups even though she was young. Exposition The year 1970, Marjane lives with her parents and grandmother in Iran, the Islamic Revolution. Marjane is energetic, determined, and courageous. For example, when she heard a boy's father was a member of the shah's secret service, she brought her friends, and chased after the boy saying that they would "gouge his eyes out" However, after this recent event, she feels that bringing justice is not her job, but asking for forgiveness to God was. After Marji's uncle Anouche died, she felt as if her life was destroyed and this affected Marji. Because despite of the laws, she wore outrageous clothing, listened punk music, and acted upon outrageous actions. In 1983,because of Marji's actions, she was shipped off to Vienna . While living in Vienna, she had an epiphany. She felt guilty that she was living freely while her relatives were dying as martyrs. As the result, she fell into a depression. As Marjia's body was maturing, so did her mind. She told her friends that she was from France because she was shamed of her country. As time passed, Marji fell in love with a boy name Markus. She was happy with Markus, until Markus cheated on her. She fell into depression again, and became homeless. She felt that it was better to live a life without freedom in Iran than being homeless and getting sick in Vienna. She went back to Iran after she asked her parents. But when she got back, the trace of war left in Iran was great. The buildings were burnt and many people died and lost their houses. Marji was out of her mind when she saw this awful images. And again, she slowly fell into depression.
Fortunately, she met psychiatrist and she recovered. One day, she had a dream about God. God encouraged her and promised her to have a better life than before. Therefore, she found hope and began to attend university with her friends. Later, she met a man and began a relationship with a man name Reza from her university. Maji and Reza married few years later,
but the marriage fell apart after a year.
She divorced with her grandmother's
support. After the divorce, it was time to leave Iran permanently. she promised her uncle Anouche to stay true to herself.
She left to France. At the end, Marji was proud of her background and became true to herself Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution The End. •Conflict1.What is the primary conflict that moves the story forward?- The primary conflict in Persepolis is Marjane versus herself. She hides the fact that she is from Iran because she feels that being from Iran is embarrassing. Is the conflict primarily internal ? external ? a combination of the two? Identify what the conflict as exact as you can.- The conflict is both primarily internal and external. Marjane internally struggles to be true to herself. And she externally hurts herself when she becomes homeless too. •Events
1.What are some significant events and people involved in them that lead up to the climax / resolution of this story?
- The significant events that lead up to the climax is when she moves to Vienna, and meets a boy named Markus. Markus cheats on Marjane and she becomes a homeless and becomes sick . And the events that lead up to the resolution is when goes back to her hometown Iran.
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