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The Pitch: Prototyping the Future of Medical Education

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Meena Thatikunta

on 19 January 2013

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Transcript of The Pitch: Prototyping the Future of Medical Education

Prototyping the Future
of Medical Education The Pitch: Why the need for reform? The Prototype the Classroom Flipping Prototyping the Future
of Medical Education The Pitch:
Prototyping the Future
of Medical Education VISION Collaborators American Medical Association
Human Rights Campaign
Gay Lesbian Medical Association
Northeast Ohio Medical University
Johns Hopkins Medical School
Stanford Medical School
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
University of Illinois at Chicago Medical School
University of Kentucky Medical School
Pig Fly Films Meena Thatikunta, 2nd Year Medical Student
Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) passive learning active learning Redundant Inflexible Ineffective What is the purpose of a lecture now?
How do we make lecture valuable? Redefine the purpose of a lecture TRADITIONAL
LECTURE IS... How can we cover more information in the same time? Accommodate high educational demands on students with limited time How do we engage students?
Apply their knowledge?
Enhance academic performance? Engage students.
Apply student knowledge. Enhance academic performance. The Evolution of Lecture Old Approach Half-way Approach Full approach 1 2 3 Lecture at students for 1 hour Intermittent audience-response system questions "Flipping the Classroom" at home: at school: watch lectures online
do practice questions apply knowledge in interactive sessions ACTIVE LEARNING! promotes: an example: "flipping the classroom" is a particularly beneficial approach for medical students because We want to get better and apply our knowledge.
If given these opportunities in class,
we will attend class and perform better. We are intelligent, self-motivated individuals who want to learn. If given ownership of our learning,
we will learn more effectively and efficiently. Khan Academy VIEWS: USERS: CLASSROOMS: BILL GATES: GOOGLE: FORBES: over 200 million 45 million 20,000 $1.5 million $2 million Names You Need to Know Sal Khan Stanford Medical School Lecture halls without lecture - a proposal for medical education "The literature is filled with calls to make medical education more enriching and engaging.

However, until steps are taken to encourage implementation...reality will continue to lag behind the rhetoric." VISION MISSION STRATEGY Prototype a resource center for medical student curriculum which will serve as an innovative means for reforming medical education 1) Prototype the future of medical education delivery
2) Revolutionize the process of reforming medical education (1) Create resource center and encourage LCME accreditation
(2) Present the resource center at conferences
(3) Provide toolkits for introducing prototype into curriculum
(4) Implement prototype at 5 pilot medical schools
(5) Collect and review data on prototype at each pilot site What should the prototype be? Serving the LGBT
population why? definite need
"generational charge" To create an educational resource center for medical students to become knowledgeable and compassionate in LGBT health care.

By encouraging best practices at an early stage in a medical student’s career, we can educate a new generation of physicians who are culturally competent and sensitive to the LGBT population.

The resource center will fulfill a previous gap in medical education and will facilitate educational reform across the nation, even where expert faculty do not exist. This is essential towards (a) reforming medical education and (b) improving the health outcomes and access to care for the LGBT population. the resource center "self-study" materials: interactive materials: Multimedia lecture content
Practice questions Discussion materials
Patient-focused learning materials
Bioethics correlates
Advocacy and policy correlates Advantages: High quality instruction for all! passive engagement
no application of knowledge
not high-yield oriented
plays to the middle PUTTING TOGETHER
THE PIECES... what we have: what we need: simple lecture videos
notes and practice questions -Commentary on Lecture halls without lecture provided by Matthew J. Stull, M.D., Robbert J. Duvivier, B.Sc., and Elizabeth Wiley, M.D., J.D.
American Medical Student Association, Sterling, VA Multimedia lecture content
Tracking methods for student performance
Application of knowledge through high-yield interactive lessons members of: project lead: Meena Thatikunta cited by: AAMC, AMA, IoM, Department of Health and Human Services, Healthy People 2010, Center for American Progress, among others! The need for widespread LGBT medical education Results: Attendance increased from 30% to 80%
Significantly increased student satisfaction flips the classroom! Online lecture videos make traditional lecture: Traditional lecture moves at one pace, making it with increasing demands on students Students are expected to know more and more...but there are still only 24 hours in a day Talking "at" students for hours at a time is make class time valuable! make student time valuable! Medical students WANT to learn
to serve the LGBT population with competence and dignity Who is the medical education equivalent of Sal Khan?
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