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Curriculum Development Process Journal

Time line of curriculum development project for LOONGHOUSE RESERVE

Annette Grueterich

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of Curriculum Development Process Journal

At first everything is clear... ART and NATURE together bring us together :) Pretty photos, virtual tours, maps, stories, a lot is already there We pick our site,
LongHouse Reserve We researched the LongHouse site, forming our own impressions. We reach out to LongHouse
to organize a field trip!! Difficulties getting everyone together The reserve is still closed for the WINTER... Distance + Transportsation Issues- 2 hours from Manhatten by a car!! Krista visits... and gets lost! ...and comes back with lots of printed materials. THE LONGHOUSE RESERVE
PROCESS We got input from Selena on what Longhouse envisioned Selena mentioned Longhouse was interested in reaching out out to those who couldn't get there ...which was crucial for the direction of the project Good thing Matt is computer saavy! We decided early on that it would be project based from both web and printed materials. We thought the current Longhouse website did not do the preserve justice. We wanted visitors to fully EXPERIENCE the reserve... So we decided to create lessons that captured the experience as well as the specific works of art. Everyone chose his/her favorite sculpture to inspire many lessons! We all had different interests so lessons were based in many different sections of the gardens. We had MANY brainstorming sessions to discuss accessiblity... Then we became stumped by how to represent the curriculum visually... This where Sung starts At first, we had the idea of a treasure hunt... But rejected idea because it was too close to their printed materials. Discussed relevant CONCEPTS: Online Learning, Student-Centered Teaching Method, Materials Exploration, Constructivism, Dialogue between a teacher and students, Developmentally Appropriate Teaching Method. We divided writing tasks.... And then, we put it all TOGETHER. As a group we discussed what everyone wrote to match it to our original list of conpets. NOW, it makes sense to all members!! More E-MAILS with Selena to arrange another meeting, Matt (video, audio, and photographs) and Sung (photographs). FINALLY, we have to put all information together Elements fall into place:
Process Journal DONE!!!
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