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Comparison And Contrast Of Brutus and Mark Anthony Funeral S

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jasmine johnson

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Comparison And Contrast Of Brutus and Mark Anthony Funeral S

Comparison And Contrast Of Brutus and Mark Anthony Funeral Speeches. . . . .
Which speech was more Persuasive ?
Mark Antony's speech was more persuasive than Brutus's simply because, Brutus was only trying to persuade the audience that killing Caesar was the right thing to do. Antony's goal was to rally up the commoners to revenge Caesars tragic death. Antony mentioned how he and Caesar were really good friends and discuussed how hurt he was that he lost such a good friend. Antony persuaded the audience by telling the commoners what he wanted to do, was to keep his promise with Brutus and that was to say nothing bad about him.
What examples of appeals to emotion did Brutus use? What examples did Antony use? Who handled the appeal to emotion better ?
Brutus used ethics by pointing out that he is very loyal to Rome before before he is even loyal to his closest friends. His goal was to impress the commoners.

Antony used very convincing characteristics in his speech to persuade his audience. His goal was to try to get the commoners to fully believe him and see who the real murder is and set a look out for them.
<I think Antony handled the appeal to emotion better because he discussed how he felt loosing a true friend .
What examples of appeals to reason did Brutus use? What examples did Antony use? Who handled the appeal to reason better?
Brutus uses ethic to by suggesting that anyone who opposes Caesar's murder must also oppose Rome and therefor hate his own Country.

Antony uses persuasion to win over the crowd, and he makes a promise to Brutus not to speak bad things about them as to killers and not give them away so he twisted his promise around so it can backfire on Brutus as the killer. Antony handled his appeal better by getting the crowd to change their minds and find the real killer.
Brutus's appeal to ethics was definitely to win the crowd and try to be loyal but lie about him being the killer of Caesar and he tried to be the the crowd to be impressed and see that he is loyal even before his closest friend.

Antony's appeal really wasn't ethic, but persuading the crowd of not trying to really give out the killers, but also keeping the promise he made to Brutus. In the end Antony did change the crowd mind and realized Brutus had lied to them the whole time before. Antony nailed it way better.

What examples of appeals to ethics did Brutus use? What examples did Antony use? Who handled the appeal to ethics better?
How did Antony win over the crowd ?
What could have Brutus done differently ?
Antony won over the crowd by telling them about him and Caesar friendship and telling them how he offered Caesar to be king and handing Caesar the crown. but Caesar denied it. The crowd remembered all that Brutus told them about how ambitious Caesar was so they believed Anthony and did not believe Brutus.
Brutus could have told them all about Caesar denying a crown, or telling them about how good of friends him and Caesar were.
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