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Barnes & Noble Case


Brittany Murray

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Barnes & Noble Case

Brittany Murray
Daniel Dellinger
Eric Chiya
Huy Vu
Jared Wright Background 1873
Charles Barnes
Wiiliam Barnes
G. Clifford Noble 1970's 1970
Leonard Riggio
Student Book Exchange
Purchased Barnes & Noble
Operates 600 College Bookstores
Began discount Bookselling
Quickly Expanded to 50 Stores
Mail order service 1980's 1980s
Decade of Expansion
Purchased B. Dalton & Doubleday
Grew to 800 stores nationally Strengths Brand awareness
Competitive Pricing
Large selection
National Chain
Partnered with Microsoft Weaknesses No B&N stores abroad
No global presence
Forced to sell devices at a loss to compete with Amazon
Lack of capital Opportunities Entering tablet market
Entering video streaming buy/rental
Expand internationally
Ebooks/app market Threats Strong competition in tablet market(Kindle, iPad, etc)
Ebooks (physical stores)
Competitors advertising capabilities
Struggling economic conditions Recommendations Problem 1 Small share of the tablet market
Lack of public awareness of Nook
Poor advertising methods
Few applications for Nook tablet
Higher profits and foothold on tablet market Problem 2 Problem 3 SWOT Analysis Action Plan Questions? Solution 1
Increase advertising budget
Hire a new/different advertising agency
Create incentive for app developers to extend app development to Nook app store Solution 2 Solution 3 Thank You for your Attention!
Partner up with overseas brick & mortar companies
- characteristics similar to that of B&N
- access to larger audience Small international presence
Limits growth potential based on U.S. sales only
Long-term competitive presence is jeopardized
Reduce the number of stores/locations
Less emphasis on non-core products (toys, electronics, etc.)
The decrease in public demand for non e-books
Convenience and accessibility of e-books
Bottom line affected Focused more on superstores
Cafe 1990's Internet Selling direct for 25 years
1997 opened website
Largest selection online with 2 million titles 2000's 2009
Purchased Fictionwise
Released Nook
Launched world's Largest Bookstore
Nook Color
Nook Simple Touch
Nook tablet
Nook simple Touch w/ Glowlight
Nook HD& HD+ Financial Ratios Barnes & Noble 5 Year Trend Barnes & Nobles Compared to Competition Barnes & Nobles vs. Competitors Financial Analysis Barnes & Noble Stock Price
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