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No description

marina johnson

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of TRIFID NEBULA

the Trifid Nebula Charels Messier

* discoved on June 5 1764
*was an observer
*vary deadaced -How far away is it???-
*9,000 (ly) away
*In the Sagittarius constellation *It is powered by a massive
star What does it do?
*It makes stars
*incubator/nursery for stars
*made over 120 stars this wonderful presentation made By: Marina & Fernanda How long woul it take to get there? (going 100,000 mph)
*52907625000 hours
*2204484375 days
*6039683 years
*603968 decades
*60396 centurys
*its 4,000 light years long
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