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Copy of Queen Isabella

No description

Lacey Lou

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Queen Isabella

Queen Isabella Of Spain
1479 - 1504 By Daisey I was the queen of Spain
during Spain's golden age Isabella was born in Madrigal de las Altas Torres, Castile, on April 22, 1451. When she was three years old, her brother became King Henry IV and when she was thirteen, she was brought to his court so he could watch her. On September 19, 1498, she was proclaimed as the king's heiress by the Accord of Toros de Guisando. However, out of her many suitors, Henry wanted her to marry the king of Portugal, Alfonso V. Without the king's permission, she married Ferdinand of Aragon instead in October 1469. Because of this, the Accord became void and she was rejected as heiress. http://www.angelfire.com/anime2/100import/queenisabella.html I pasted from that websight I was born on April 22, 1451 I am more commonly
Known as Queen Isabel I was born in Madrigal de las Atlas John II of Spain, my dad, died making my brother, King Henry IV, Spain's new king. King Henry IV appointed me as heiress to the throne. Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand DID YOU KNOW ?
Nina means little girl
Pinta means spotted one
Santa Maria means
Saint Mary I gave Christopher Columbus suplies so he could find a new route to India because the cost was cheap and the riches and treasures would be great. This was the beginning of the Golden Age of Spain. I ruled Castile and Aragon equally with my husband. Allowing Spain to be united and more powerful. Many think that although they ruled equally, I was a better ruler. With the exception of the Spanish Inquisition, I ruled my people fairly. Even when Indians were brought back as slaves, I insisted they be freed and treated with justice and fairness. I loved learning and art. I learned Latin and was still making art as a young adult. I insisted that my daughters learn as much as my sons. The Spanish I spoke is still used as the standard form of language in Spain. I died at the age of 53 a little before noon on the 26th of November 1504 I hope this prezi was educational for you! :) ;) :) ;) The End El fin The golden age was when Spain was most prosperous
When I married my cousin Ferdinandinstead of who
King Henry wanted me to marry, King Henry was angry at me. Since the people loved me so much, the King could not punish me. So King Henry also appointed his daughter as heiress to his throne, causing a war between Castile and Aragon. As part of the peace treaty at the end of the war, I got the throne.
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