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Chloe Atkinson

on 5 March 2011

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Transcript of AREA 51

AREA 51 Area 51 is 83 miles from North towntown Las Vegas During World War II, the Army Air Corps built several runways in Nevada, including a pair of small runways at Groom Lake. They named the spot the Army Air Corps Gunnery School. After the 1940s, the runways were abandoned. Area 51 is the runways that were abandoned. Now Groom lake is dry and boarders area 51 HOW DID AREA 51 START? Alien Rumors:
Since the 1960s, the secretive nature of Area 51 has inspired rumors that the military has been using it as a repository for dangerous explosives or toxic waste, or for examination of extraterrestrial spacecraft or life forms, the presence of which the government would rather not reveal to the general public. Las Vegas is right here
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