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The Notebook

No description

Danielle Tennant

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of The Notebook

The Notebook The Story A love story of two teenagers.
Forbidden love due to the economic crisis.
Pre/Post war era.
Set in North Carolina. Allie sees Noah in the newspaper and visits him 14 years later.
After two days together, their suppressed feelings reemerge
Her mother tries to persuade her to go back to her fiance and leave Noah.. Before After Many years later, Allie is living in a nursing home.
Everyday, an old man reads her this notebook containing this story.
Because of her Alzheimer's disease, she cannot remember how the story ends. Did she choose Noah or Lon? The Story "You don't write because you want to say something,
you write because you have something to say." - F Scott Fitzgerald. Noah's Drive/Purpose To entertain.
To persuade.
To inform. To produce something of value.
To remind yourself or someone.
To have something to live for.
To mark your place in the world. The purpose of the Notebook is to reunite them. Theme:
Love can overcome anything. And this is where the story comes in: When I am lost and lonely, read this story - just as you told it to the children - and know that in some way, I will realise it's about us. And perhaps, just perhaps, we will find a way to be together again.
(Sparks, 1996: 184) The Purpose of the Notebook Allie learns to show her true self to Noah and is comfortable with him. Noah began to compose poetry for Allie, bringing her closer to him. Character Development If Noah writes because he has something to say, what is it? Noah is writing to bring Allie back to her past, as done throughout the story. To do this, he writes letters and poetry to her. His drive for writing poems is to tell the story to Allie to draw her back to him again. He also wants to leave his "footprint" as he knows his time is running out. Noah's purpose for writing is exemplary 3 times in the story. Noah began writing letters to her, convincing her to come back to him. Allie returns to him after apologetically leaving her fiance behind. Noah read the Notebook that he wrote to Allie to remind her of their story and who she is, calling her back to him again. Allie remembers him and their life together, however, her illness causes her to forget once more. "Besides, it is written on the slip of paper that I will slide under her pillow. It says:
Love, in these last and tender hours
is sensitive and very pure
Come morning light with soft-lit powers
to awaken love that's ever sure." (Sparks 1996:188)
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