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Simple machines- See saw

Carson- 3rd block

Rachel Shockey

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Simple machines- See saw

Simple Machines What are the materials it is made of? A seesaw's bars and handles are usually made out of metal, and the seats are made out of plastic. How does a seesaw work? Effort pushes down on the
opposite side of the load. If the force
is pushing up, the load will go down.
If the force is pushing down, the load
will go up. Effort An example: Load Fulcrum What are the forces that make it work? Effort force helps it work when it pushes up and down on one side. What are the energy changes that take place? Kinetic Potential Kinetic: when the effort is pushing up or down. Potential: when the load
is at its highest peak. Who invented it? When and where was it invented? By: Rachel Shockey My machine: a seesaw:) Who: unknown
When: the seesaw was not discovered before the early 19th century.
Where: unknown How did the seesaw change or improve a task? A railroad seesaw cart is just like a regular seesaw except
you don't sit down on it and you're using your arms rather your legs to push and pull. What does a seesaw do? A seesaw is used for many things like...
1. weighing objects, for example the scale is
a type of a seesaw.
2. moving objects, like the railroad seesaw cart.
3. sawing through things, like a two-man saw does. The seesaw was actually inspired by the two-man saw. What motions occur when the device operates? The seesaw creates an up and down motion
when it moves. Is the seesaw made up of one or more simple machines? No, the seesaw is not made up of any other simple machines, it is a first class lever. What would you do to make the seesaw better? I would attach springs to the bottom ends of each side of the seesaw so then you wouldn't have to work as hard to keep the seesaw going up and down. Works Cited...
Simple Machines (Rookie Read-About Science) by: Alan Fowler THE END!:) Thanks for watching!
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