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Laura Flanagan

on 26 October 2016

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Transcript of Pennsylvania

Colony Name: Pennsylvania
Founded By: William Penn
Founded On: March 4, 1681
Region: Middle
In Pennsylvania there is a lot of green land, mountains, and lots of area for crops.
There is a lot of space for land and you would normally get 50 to 150 acres of land that included a house, a barn, and farm land.
The rivers there help bring water to the farms.
REasons You
should move here
There is lots of farm land for you to grow crops and earn money for it, we have the most deep and useful rivers here, and just to clarify, Pennsylvania is not named after William Penn our leader.
Unique Qualities
Again, you have about 50 to 150 acres of land.
Also, you have religious rights and freedom.
Pennsylvania means: Penn Woodland (no relation to our leader).
We have lots of wheat and natural resources and our materials are exported to England and we manufacture iron ore products.
By: Brynn and Sherry

There are 2 main types of religion. Quakers, and Presbyterians.
The Quakers believed in continuing revelation. The Presbyterians believed in the sovereignty of god, the authority of the scriptures, and the necessity of grace.
The Presbyterians worshiped by exclusive psalmody and acappella singing. The Quakers worshiped by hyms, a sermon, bible readings, joint prayers, and silent worship.
The Quakers worshiped god. The Presbyterians worshiped god and christ.
thank you for listening!
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