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The basic things about Minecraft and even more!

Wilde Germano

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Minecraft

Minecraft This is a Minecraft tutorial/walktrough/guide.
Here you can learn all about Minecraft. Enjoy:) Tutorial at spawn point Let's get started shall we? When you spawn in a Minecraft world usually you will spawn on a cube known as a block. It might be a sand, dirt, grass, stone, etc. Maybe you'll spawn in water. You tell me. What you need to do is go to a tree and punch the wood. Once you have at least have 4 wood craft wooden planks then a crafting table. Go to your inventory to craft in Pocket and in X-box. If your in PC, go to http://minecraft.ign.com/crafting-recipes, it will tell you crafting recipes. Make a Shelter Mining A good idea is to make a shelter. You can start off the first night by making a hole in the ground. If you are afraid of the dark you should get 3 wool from sheep by killing it to make a bed. It will make you skip night time. Make sure you aren't near any mobs or else you can't sleep. If you don't have a bed and it's night, go mining in your house or go mining in a cave. Blocks There are many blocks in the game. Sand, dirt, stone, cobblestone, gravel, etc. Look at this link it will show you all the types of blocks and how it looks like http://minecraftguides.net/guides/blocks.php Once you have tools such as a pickaxe and shovel,
you're ready to mine. look for caves to get head start
mining. To mine cobble stone you can use any pickaxe.
To mine iron, you'll need a stone pick.To mine butter
(gold) and diamonds you'll need a iron pickaxe. And last,
to mine obsidian, you'll need a diamond pickaxe. Made when a water source hits a lava source. There are stuff that you want to watch out for
in Minecraft. Like hostile mobs.They include
skeletons, zombies, ghasts, ender man, spiders, blazes, cave spiders, creepers, slimes, zombie pigmen, magma cubes, and for more go to
http://www.minecraftopia.com/monsters Food Supplies Mobs If you want to get Minecraft download it from the appstore(Pocket Edition) Go to arcade and download it(X-Box 360) go to http://www.minecraft.net (PC) In Minecraft, there is food that you must eat so you don't die from hunger. (Unless you are not in a version with hunger bars, food just heals hearts) To get food farm it or kill an animal. http://www.minecraftopia.com/minecraft_farming http://www.minecraftopia.com/food Weapons Basicly everything can be used as a weapon. Swords are the most affective. The strongest weapons is an enchanted diamond sword level X and also a enchanted bow level X. By that, meaning you have all extra enchantments level X. http://www.minecraftopia.com/enchantments.aspx <--Info By: Wilde Germano, Corbin Warmbier, Ethan Honda & Seth Wilson!!!! Parkour Parkour comes in differant scenarios. Nature, adventure maps, and much more. To parkour, you sprint jump, jump, climb, fail, and repeat. Parkour has many types. Jumps, (A block to block jump.) sprint jump, (Jumps that require sprinting to be made.) cornner jumps, (When you jump to cornners upwards on a pillar, tree, anything that is going upward or dowards.) ladder jumps, (When you jump on ladders, climb up them, and jump to the next obstacle.) lava jumps, (Jumps that have lava involed in it.) water jumps, (Jumps that have water involed in it.) there's more but that's a lot to explain. Tips, you can only make a possible 5 block jump. Depending the height of the block your on and jumping to you might be able to jump more or less blocks. This also depends on the height of jumping room above you. Now your on your own! Since you know the basics get out there and start crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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