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Family Tree of "Great Expectations"

No description

Shanel Gray

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Family Tree of "Great Expectations"

Family Tree of "Great Expectations"
Mrs.Joe Gargery
This character is Pip's sister and she is married to Mr.Joe. She's the legal guardian of Pip since their parents are not around and deceased. She does not have a good relationship with Pip. She's most likely abusive to him and also her husband.
Mr. Joe Gargery
This character is very close to Pip. Joe is like Pip's first father figure. However , he's just a brother in law to Pip. They have a great friendship until later. He's also the husband of Pip's sister.
This is the central character of the whole book. His parents died , so he's an orphan. He's a very young boy in the beginning of the story , and he thinks that he's common. But all that changes for him throughout the book.
Uncle Pumblechook
This character is Joe's rich uncle. Him and Pip's sister are really close. They are somewhat similar. They both seem to want to get rid of Pip. He introduces Pip to the Satin House where Miss Havisham lives alone with Estella.
Miss Havisham
This character is weird , old , depressed , and very lonely. This is because of a man who broke her heart and didnt show up for their wedding day. When she meets Pip , she finds him as as a way to get revenge for the hurt she had previously in the years of her life.
This character is an orphan just like Pip. She's Miss Havisham's ward. Estella is a very stuck up and cold-hearted person only because of how she was raised up by Miss Havisham. This is the character that Pip falls in love with, but Estella never gives Pip a chance with her because Pip was common.
Matthew Pocket
This character is cousins with Miss Havisham. He's important to the story because he becomes the tutor of Pip. He has a son which is Herbert.
Herbert Pocket
This character is a pale young gentleman , in the story he gets in a fight with Pip at Miss Havisham's house. Later on , they become friends and start to invest with each other. He's the nephew of Miss Havisham.
Other characters and relationships built around Pip
Mr. Wopsle
Mr. Jaggers
Mr. Wemmick
The chief clerk for Mr. Jaggers.He's also a gentle man who becomes with Pip.
She's the age of Pip. She works for Mr.Wopsle's great aunt then she comes to work for Joe and takes care of Mrs.Joe. She's very intelligent and has a nice relationship with Pip.
The village church clerk who has a dream of being on a pulpit and preach. Later on he becomes an actor.
He's the lawyer of Miss Havisham and he's the new guardian of Pip. He's controlling and he's titled as a bully. He's about his money.
Mr. Jaggers' obedient servant. She has an infamous past. Only Mr.Jaggers and Mr. Wemmick know that she is Estella's real mother and Pip finds this out later out in the story.
The Aged P.
He's the father of Mr. Wemmick. He's delightful and deaf. He stays with his son.
Clara Barley
She is Herbert's secret fiance. Her father is invalid and she marries Herbert right after her father dies.
Bently Drummle
A gentleman at Mr.Pocket's. Pip warns Estella about him and tells her he shouldnt like him because of how he is. Later him and Estella marry. He abuses Estella.
He's the source of Pip's expectations. He is the father of Estella and a former partner in crime with a man named Compeyson, who betrayed him.
He is Magwitch's enemy. He's the other convict that Pip sees in the marshes fighting with Magwitch. He was Miss Havisham's fiance that left her and turned Miss Havisham into a cold-hearted person.
He works for Joe in the forge. He is the guy who is responsible of the attack on Mrs. Joe. and he later tries to kill Pip.
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