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Staff Training

Hodson Hall Vision and Mission RA Training

George Bostanic

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Staff Training

Residence Life
Staff Training
Hodson Hall
2012-1013 Mission and Vision: Spiritual Mental Social Physical It is from our spiritual life that we develop
a majority of our character. Therefore, the
spiritual lifestyle of the Tau should encompass our lives as Christians and men of Hodson Hall. "As Iron Sharpens Iron
So Does One Man Sharpen
Another." Proverbs 27:17 Be Consistent with enforcing
rules and policies. It makes your
and my job easier. DUTY NIGHTS: when on duty, you
are expected to be
either in the lobby or
office. Rounds MUST be
made 3-5 times a night. THis is your time to
connect with other
residents Every duty night
you must leave an
entry in the Hodson
Log binder. This will
include highs and lows
of the night as well as
an encouraging word
for the next guy who will
be on duty HOW DO WE DO THIS? 1) Discipleship is the key method used to bring about spiritual growth in one's life. The leadership team will commit to both growing in their own relationship to God and encouraging their peers to go and do likewise through support and accountability. 2) Programs- In order to live this lifestyle
of discipleship and spiritual growth, we must
do programming that will re-enforce this goal.
Some of the programs we have already as a
foundation include: Rapture, Men's Retreat,
Dead Man Walking, Porn and Pizza, and Unit
Devotions. Honesty
Communication EXpectations (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr I expect each of you
to be on time to meetings,
1 on 1's, and have your weekly report in on time every week. This not only shows respect and responsiblity to the job you have been given, but also shows respect to me and the staff. RA job comes before intramurals
and other leisure activities. This means
that staff meetings and covenant should
be a priority. I expect you guys to set the tones
on your floors. The first couple of weeks is crucial to getting to know your residents and setting a foundation for the year. Self-control is an often overlooked fruit of the Spirit. The Physical disciplines play a key role in holistic health. Issues of eating, sleeping, exercising, resting and general bodily maintenance are aspects of the physical health that must be purposefully considered. Basic body stewardship is a Biblical command that all must heed. In this age of material and physical obsession, we must more clearly define self-respect over and against the cultural standard of vanity and image One of the significant keys to social growth is the presence of community
living in Hodson. This offers tremendous opportunity for students to learn life lessons in forming strong relationships. The consideration of others' needs, space, wants and demands,fosters communication skills, confrontation ability, ethical discernment andboundary setting techniques. By providing a safe and accepting home for theselessons to be learned, we prepare students to their future relationships, bothpersonal and professional The Mental aspect of the Tau is usually forgotten, but is such an important part in a student’s development. We consider the student’s intellectual development to be indispensably related to their spiritual growth. We understand every Christian to be a theologian of sorts, called to filter everything they learn through a screen of Christian ethics and morality. We are convinced that the role of the undergraduate student is to gain resources and tools through their Liberal Arts education that allow them to spend the rest of their life passionately learning to better themselves and the world around them. Hodson Hall will play a part in encouraging this pursuit of a lifelong commitment to mental development. We encourage this learning to be balanced by stressing at least some involvement within the sciences, humanities, and arts. We want to create students who will be Life Long Learners. Freshman Move-in Day:
Work Stations and Jobs
1) Ryan- Traffic
2) Dan- Desk
3) RA's- On units helping residents
and answering questions
4) DC, OC, HC: Scotsmen Den (Rules, Regulations, Challenges)
5) Desk Workers- Move in Crew Move-In Responsibilities:
1) Room Inventories
2) Key Cards
3) Hall Inventories Unit Informaion 1) Each unit will get $300 for the year. You can use the money however you like as long as it is approved by me. A Program form needs to be filled out for every event Programming Requirements for Resident Assistants

a)One (1) program per month (3 programs per semester) focused on the RAs assigned unit. All programs must be planned, with the exception of one passive program per semester.

b)RAs are required to complete a program proposal and evaluation form for each program. RD approval (before the program occurs) is required for programs that do not involve Risk Management and for all expenditure of programming funds. RD, Associate Dean, and AVP approval is needed for programs that involve Risk Management.

c)RAs must actively support and encourage participation in all hall/area programs and all campus events.

d)RAs are expected to maintain up to date bulletin boards where applicable.

e)RAs are encouraged to find creative ways to involve faculty in programming as much as possible. REciepts MUST be put in my folder immediately after a purchase. THis is very important Rapture Spiritual- David Social-Rich
Physical- Kyle Mental-Josh Jordan - Worship Schedule:
10pm- Board the buses
10:30pm- Start the Ceremony
(Tau speeches, 5 min encouragement
sermon, cross, paint, prayer)
11:10pm- Worship and Testimonies
11:50pm- Board buses Testimonies:
1) Dan
2) Grant
3) Dylan
4) Cole
5) Obi Res Life Week Every unit must be involved in every Reslife event.

This includes:
Bowman Boat race
Hodson/Evans Pudding Tug-a-War
Lodge Ball
Shatford Gong Show

Ryan 3) Life Style- Being an example is the biggest way that we can impact the residents in Hodson Hall. Living lifestyles that model and imitate Christ can sometimes be the most effective tool in our ministry Faculty Involvement:
Every RA is required to have a floor parent and incorporate them into 1 event every semester. For Your Information:
1) Incident Reports
2) Roommate Conflicts
3) Emails, Texts, and Mail boxes Programming
Thoughts and Ideas NSO PPAC Leaders:
1) Josh Barnes
2) Grant Ream
3) Dan Collins
4) Dylan Cain
5) Rich Costello
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