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The Pleasure Center

No description

MaryBeth Lockwood

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of The Pleasure Center

The Pleasure Center
of the

What is the Pleasure Center?
The pleasure center of the brain is the area of the brain controlling pleasure reactions and is located on the base of the forebrain which is the largest part of the brain.
Are we there yet?
Along with knowing the location of the pleasure center, there are other areas/structures of the brain that play a role in the function of the center and all function through the reward system.

Since the NAcc controls the reward center of humans brains, it affects the way individuals anticipate rewards and increases the desire for reward based on learned behaviors.
What The Rats Have to Say
James Olds and Peter Milner were brilliant.
The End
The pleasure center is an important part of the brain and through understanding how it functions, humans can better control their habits in their daily lives.
By: Damaris Payen & MaryBeth Lockwood
Nom Nom
According to a study conducted at Yale's School of Medicine by Robert S. Sherwin, chocolate chip cookies strongly affect the brain.

After your first bite, they trigger the areas in your brain for pleasure and happiness. They also trigger the areas in your brain for memories - you may remember eating chocolate chip cookies as a child for example.

How do you think this could affect obesity in our current population?
Limbic System
Nucleus Accumbens (NAcc)
Furthermore, the nucleus accumbens secretes a chemical called dopamine which is known as the “pleasure chemical” through a system of reward or reinforcement (NCBI)
Nacc entire structure = inner core + outer septum = Limbic System
Dopamine and serotonin neurons (“pleasure chemical” and “calm and tranquility chemical”) is the Ventral Tegmental Area (VTA) (KARG Group)

= The System Reward Circuit
mesolimbic pathway (VTA to NAcc) and mesocortical pathway (VTA to cortical area of frontal lobes) (KARG Group).

Two Dopamine Pathways:
Is this real life?
A major effect that the NAcc controls in individuals’ behavior is how individuals’ form addictions, especially to substances addictions.
Electrical pulse
Limbic System
Skinner Boxes
Lever Version
Research is ongoing.
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