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Victoria Court

No description

Ritzel Ron Montalbo

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Victoria Court

Victoria Court

Background of the Case
Brief highlight of the brand:
Areas of Consideration
The factors why problem arises:
Room Rental
Alternative Courses of Actions
Time Frame
Victoria Court gears up for the year 2012
Identifying the Problem
How will Victoria Court reposition its image from a Motel to a more wholesome hotel?
Conclusion and
Marketing Action Plan
Victoria Court
uniquely caters....
couples, individuals, groups and families.
purpose of having a good rest, private conversation, or clandestine romance.
market situation?
Industry leader

few close competitors
Victoria Court and its thematic suites became norm for people who look for the utmost luxury.

It is natural that parties became vogue in Victoria Court.

It changed into more shower and birthday parties.
Victoria Court management decided to focus on Product Development.
-Upgrading facilities
-introducing themed motifs
-target market
Best known for offering themed rooms in the market.
Reputation in the model industry.
Incidental deposit is refundable upon check out unless miscellaneous
items were consumed

Unable attract customers outside the non-married couple market.
Hidden charges demanded by staff members in certain branches.
Change the logo
Remove the 3 hrs offer
Reinvent the other offers
Expand. relocate.
Partnership with travel agencies
Complete revisions on advertisements.
Plan and schedule activities.
Family friendly themed rooms

Time Context
half a year to a whole year
Description of the Strategy
eliminate all possible factors that contribute to the malicious stigma connected to the company
make use of positive activities and events that target to capture new market segments
offer promotional discounts in favor of new target markets
Person Responsible to implement the solution
sales and marketing personels
-accounting and finance department
event organizers
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
It was first established in 1970 by Angelo King.
Pasay City, was called the Vinta Lodge.
AK opened his second motel in 1973 and named it Anito Lodge.
Brief History of Victoria Court
brand diagnosis
Civil Status
Market Situation
To be able to cater various segments of the market such as married couples, families, groups, tourists through repositioning.
To be able to increase overall profit coming from the new segment of the market through improving the company's offered services and facilities by the end of one year.
Customers can choose from rooms with a variety of views
50% discount is given by the hotel for birthday blowouts
Pets allowed
Well established position with a well defined market niche.
Presence of another more well known-competitor around the vicinity or in the market.
Competitor’s Analysis
Get rid of the bad image.
Alleviate negative connotations
increase income coming from another market segment
allows the company to perspective customers.
may help influence the company, giving it a better image.
instilling the notion to the public.
Promote Ideas
Families willing to stay.

Desired goal for the solution
increase in visitations and total sales coming from new target markets
significant positive change in opinions on the company amongst the new target markets
Eliminate short term accommodations
Additional promotional discounts
Plan and schedule activities
Additional Family friendly themed rooms
For this case study wants to change the society’s perception about Victoria court , the courses of action that have been chosen are primarily to enhance and shift the market’s perception to a wholesome relaxation haven and high end party venue.

In order to achieve the case study’s objectives of catering to various target markets such as married couple, groups, tourists and travelers through repositioning and increasing its sale or overall profit coming from the mentioned target markets by improving its services and facilities
might lead to a confusion
will cause the motel’s frequent visitors
decrease the profit
Additional expenses
very few number of travel agencies willing to be tied with Victoria Court due to its existing reputation.
might not even change the public’s opinion.
require the company to allot a certain amount of budget
Additional money will have to be allotted to building these rooms.
As of 2013 Victoria Court management decided to focus on Product Development.
-Upgrading facilities
-New target market

Victoria Court's number one competitor in the industry is Hotel SOGO.
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