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Intensive: Job Search Strategies - NEW

No description

UTS Accomplish

on 7 October 2016

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Transcript of Intensive: Job Search Strategies - NEW

Top Tips:
Follow companies & brands where you would love to work.
Many will announce when they're hiring & share new job opportunities on social media - be 1st to know!
Large organisations also have careers dedicated social media featuring tips, new vacancies & other updates
The new LinkedIn Jobs app allows you save searches & receive alerts of new jobs
With a well-populated LinkedIn profile you'll get emails summarising new relevant jobs
LinkedIn Groups have job boards too -often more targeted jobs to that group

Twitter can also be used to search for opportunities
Job Search

The Reality
of Recruitment

Preparation is Key
Make a Plan!
The Hunt
Keep Organised
Employer vs. Job Seeker
Top Preference
Lowest Preference
Employer Hiring Preferences
Typical Job Seeking Activities
Lowest Frequency
Highest Frequency
Graduate Recruitment
Grad. Statistics
A Graduate Recruitment Example:
150 vacancies (e.g. large national co.) x 47+ applications = 7,050+ to review
Average number of graduate recruitment staff = 1.5 full-time recruiters
So, 4,700 applications to review each, often in short timeframes
Numerous selection methods used to shortlist: online testing, GPA cut-off, application review, phone screen, video interview, F2F interview, reference checks, social events, etc
2,186 progress, 4,864 declined
678 progress, 1,508 declined
< 298 offered, 380+ declined
Often a pool of candidates are kept "warm" in case of declined offers, to ensure a full graduate intake.
Hence the importance of making your application stand out!
What gets you the job?
Job Success
Industry Knowledge
(Your Research)
Resume & Cover Letter Workshop: employer, industry, competitor & key stakeholder research
Skills, Values & Experience
Personal Brand
(Your Network)
Successful Interview
Dress for Success Workshop (tomorrow)
Professional Communications Workshop (tomorrow), including MBTI session
Interview Skills Workshop (tomorrow) & Mock Interview (Day 3)
Networking for Beginners & Networking Practice Event
PLUS: more on this today, and the LinkedIn Lab (Day 3)
Identify your
What do you
What does your "
" include?
Activity: Skills Audit - workbook pages 33 - 38
consider skills you have obtained through work, study & personal experience

ask family, friends & colleagues to identify areas you are skilled in

skills can be technical, practical, theoretical, knowledge-based or transferable

prepare a list of all of your identified skills
include them whether you would enjoy doing them in a job or not
e.g. accurate data entry, public speaking, managing volunteers)

use these to identify the types of jobs you are capable of performing
"Experience" can come from paid or unpaid work, part-time, full-time, casual, volunteer work, internships, degree or industry-related & unrelated, group work, projects, local or international experience, personal interests & hobbies...and more

Graduate wants to apply for a Graphic Design role, but hasn't previously had any professional experience.

They see a job advertised that requires 1-2 years design experience, demonstrated customer service skills, Advanced InDesign ability, experience presenting to senior stakeholders and a portfolio of work to apply.

She is considering not applying for the job.
Only paid work experience counts as "Experience"
Completed 3 month internship at an advertising agency in the design team

Member of UTS BusSoc student society for 18 months where she designed all event materials, including employer sponsored events where firms such as Commonwealth Bank & Unilever had to approve the artwork before their event could be promoted

3 years part-time work at McDonalds, including 1 year as Team Leader

Highly experienced with InDesign through UTS studies

Had to create a website to feature design work in UTS capstone subject assignment
3 + 18 = 21 months experience
presenting to senior stakeholders
demonstrated customer service skills, including responsibility for others
Advanced InDesign user
update with recent work and use as electronic portfolio
Activities: pages 39 - 40 in workbook
Ever wondered why people study for years to become lawyers and some work for a not-for-profit organisation while others reach Partner as quickly as possible in order to earn a large salary?

What causes someone to leave a high-prestige corporate career to start their own business selling handmade jewelery online?


Once you've identified your skills and experience, you can use these to find jobs you are both capable of performing and qualified to apply for, but understanding your
is essential to identifying the right job for you.
Stay motivated and perform a thorough job search with a plan

Treat your job search like a full-time job

Prepare lists:
- types of jobs you are looking for
- example job titles (these can vary widely!)
- companies where you would like to work

Set goals:
number of...
- jobs you'll apply for each day / week
- new contacts you'll speak to each week
- LinkedIn connection requests to do per day
- informational interviews to conduct each month

Be Consistent:
- the job for you is out there, you just have to go find it!
Job Boards
Graduate Sites
Social Media
Examples of General Sites:
LinkedIn Jobs Board -
International Opportunities -
CareerOne -
Australian Government -
Indeed -
UTS CareerHub -

Examples of Targeted Sites:
Media, Marketing & Entertainment -
The Arts -
Sports, Fitness & Coaching -
NSW Health -
Teaching -
Legal -
Hospitality & Creative (Syd & Melb only) -
Indigenous employment -
Volunteering (national) -
Volunteering (overseas) -

Employer Sites
We've come a long way....

Majority are online and/or app-based
Some sites are quite general - you search for relevant roles
Others are targeted to a specific industry or market
Huge variety of sites available!
(which ones do you know?)
Example Graduate Sites:
UTS CareerHub - careerhub.uts.edu.au
try a series of keywords in your searches - companies often use a variety of titles that mean the same thing.
Graduate Designer = Junior Designer = Graphic Designer = Junior Creative = Marketing Graduate
Graduate Accountant = Accounting Assistant = Consultant = Junior Accountant = Audit Executive = Accounts Officer
Human Resources Graduate = People & Culture Assistant = Human Capital Coordinator = HR Advisor = People Services Consultant
Communications Graduate = Social Media Assistant = Marketing & Events Graduate = Junior Copywriter = PR Coordinator
Vacation Program = Vacationer ("Vaccies") = Summer / Winter Internship = Work Experience = Clerkship (Legal Industry)
Range of Graduate specific job sites in Australia
Which ones have you heard of?
these sites are also a great research source!
Even when jobs aren't open to apply for, you can....
learn about organisations you hadn't considered before
view company profiles
search by industry - competitor research
track grad program open & close dates
find lists of top graduate employers
...and more!
Top 100 Graduate Employers -

Research the Graduate Market -
Top 40 Intern Programs
- topinternprograms.com.au
Top 75 Graduate Programs -
Top 100 Graduates -
Best Places to Work Awards
- greatplacetowork.com.au
Important to visit the Company's website as part of your research, but also as part of your job search!
A few reminders....

1. Connect with everyone you meet!
"Dear ______,
It was great meeting you at the ________event yesterday! I'd love to connect and continue our conversation about _______.
Kind Regards,
"Hi Anna,
I attended the Accomplish Intensive program in December and really enjoyed it! I hope we can connect - I'm sure there's more great career advice I can learn from you in future!
Kind Regards,
2. Think you don't have a "Network"?
Do these people sound familiar?
Colleagues- current & former
High School & Uni Classmates
Accomplish Intensive Participants
(Introduce yourself & connect!)
Professors, Tutors, UTS Staff you've met
(Yes, even my mom is on LinkedIn)
UTS:Careers staff
Relevant Professional Associations
Student Society members
Employers you meet at Careers Fairs, interviews, open days, networking events, mock interviews....
(hint, hint)
Any others you can think of?
Put yourself out there!

Start conversations
Keep in touch - nurture relationships
Join professional associations & attend their events
Keep in touch with UTS & attend Alumni events
Ask for an informational interview:
- their impressions of the XYZ industry?
- learn about their career path to your 'ideal job'
- what do they like most about where they work?
UTS Alumni: an untapped resource
- Alumni Tool on LinkedIn
- you already have something in common with all of them!
3. Keep Growing your Network
Name & Headline
Connect Button
UTS Graduation Year
Number of Connections in Common
Meet Adrian: he's a UTS Alumni too
You never know where you'll find that perfect job.
- Can search same keywords as on traditional job boards:
job title, location, company name
- Hashtags help you index & sort tweets coded as job postings:

#hiring #job #jobs #jobsearch #jobopening
- Hashtags also help exclude tweets that have your keywords, but are not job ads
- UTS Alumni & Faculty Alumni groups
- UTS Accomplish Award group
- Professional Associations
- Lots of industry specific groups
Don't Make These Mistakes:
Check your privacy settings!
These are public forums - don't be remembered by the recruiter for the wrong reasons
Choose your handle carefully
this does not inspire confidence!
Social media is an element your personal brand too
Pictures of food, chain letters & math problems don't belong on LinkedIn
Pick your profile picture carefully
Article in workbook, page 37:
How to Make the Most of Your LinkedIn Groups
Save copies of all job ads
and your accompanying application - great to refer back to when preparing for the interview
- email copies to yourself & save in an email folder
- save as PDFs and save on your computer in a 'job search' folder

Start a spreadsheet
(or similar) to note company names, date applied or followed-up, interview notes, any updates or feedback received, key dates and contact details.
- removes risk of duplicate applications
- avoid embarrassment from forgotten conversations with key contacts:
"Sorry, which job was that again?"

Keep note of networking contacts
(e.g. LinkedIn has a tool for this): where & when you met, information gathered, what you discussed...
Be aware of your skills, experience, interests & values

Remember: what's going to help your application stand out from the crowd?

Stay focused - have a plan!

Be proactive - networking taps into the hidden job market

spray & pray
applications: it's better to send 1 tailored application than 5 generic
"Dear Sir/Madam, I'd love to work at your company..."
Quick Recap
Don't forget to join the Accomplish Award LinkedIn group!
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