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Motivating & Managing Individuals, Teams, & Projects

Individuals and Teams

Steven Smolnik

on 13 December 2011

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Transcript of Motivating & Managing Individuals, Teams, & Projects

Motivating Individuals How do I keep my employee
engaged and attentive? People are motivated by
the things they value Intrinsic motivations
Interest in doing good work (nobody shows up to fail!)
Personal ideas and ideals Extrinsic motivations As a manager, get to know
each employee a bit on a personal level.
During formal and informal discussions, observe what motivates them. Money Competition Awards Appreciation & praise from
higher leadership Create an easy, direct feedback loop from customers, e.g online satisfaction survey. Employees find it deeply rewarding to see their efforts appreciated by people they've helped. Don't be afraid to relinquish control Let individuals personalize their work Let employees take the lead and own some part of a project Owning the work means owning both the responsibility for the success and the praise and rewards that accompany the success. Encourage creativity Encourage risk-taking Foster an openness to innovation. In case of failure, let them know that you support their trying again. Check in regularly with each person Scheduled meetings Informal stop-ins to share praise and ask questions. (Trust but verify) Add motivation in small, regular increments Shift the focus of goal-setting from:
"how have we always done it?" or
"what's the easiest way for us?"
"How do we improve the customer experience?" People become quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves, they have the first secret of success. --Norman Vincent Peale Motivating and Managing: Individuals, Teams and Projects Janine M. Boutin- Bridgewater State U.
David Rollins - Brown U.
Steven Smolnik - available
Scott Streeter - Worcester Polytechnic Institute
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