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Georgia DOE

on 26 February 2013

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GRADE 2 With Courtney Bean
2nd Grade Teacher
Settles Bridge Elementary School


Daniel Rock
ELA and Literacy Program Specialist
Georgia Department of Education Welcome Courtney!

In Video 1 Courtney will talk about her goals for this unit on narrative writing.

The students examined mentor texts, worked
with grammar and conventions foundations, and as their final performance task, created a book. Next Up:
Courtney will talk about how she used
mentor texts with her students to model
great writing strategies. * Courtney focuses on a single element of a mentor text for each lesson - for example, strategies for beginning a story.
* Students rated each strategy for effectiveness and
its ability to engage an audience.
* Mentor texts can be professional writing or great
student work samples. * Students continue to use their mentor texts to identify
exemplary strategies for plot, characterization, setting,
and sequencing
* Courtney conferences with students throughout the
writing process
* Students use a checklist with a partner for peer review
* Courtney uses data from her student conferences to
drive instruction, especially in identifying next steps for
mini-lessons In our final video segment Courtney will talk about how the students utilized technology to share their stories Finally, Courtney talks about how her kids publish and share their work. Courtney displayed the students' work along with the standards-focus within the school.

Students used "Pixie" to make slides about the beginnings,
middles, and ends of mentor text and invites students to post their work on a classroom Wiki. Teaching Writing to 2nd Graders:
* Courtney focused on narrative writing in this unit
* Courtney wanted her students to be able to craft a
completely independent narrative writing piece with a
clear beginning/middle/end
* Courtney wanted to take away the intimidation of the
"blank page"
* Students will learn to take responsibility for the entire
project ~Mentor texts important as models
~Students learn to read with an eye to writing

~What is the final product going to look like?
Clear beginning, middle, and end
Work is entirely independent
Wonderful words vs. tired words
Grammar and conventions implemented with care
A variety of sentence structures MENTOR TEXTS
* Isolate a single skill (reading with a specific purpose) to
examine how this author works his or her craft
* In examples from Charlotte's Web, The Relatives
Came, and Knuffle Bunny (among others) students
identified and rated the following effective opening
- "Sneak Peek" with a picture
- Repeated words
- Larger text in beginning
- Beginning with dialogue
- Describing the setting or action The Peer Review Checklist includes:
- Sentence fluency (do sentences begin differently?)
- Allows grammar and conventions skills to be taught in an
authentic context and not in isolation Courtney uses her own checklist to survey how successful the class was overall in specific skills. Skills that were not strong in the Performance Task become part of her next steps for instruction. This is data driven instruction at its best, and helps Courtney identify meaningful, specific learning targets. Class website link: http://www.forsyth.k12.ga.us//Domain/1154

Wiki link: http://nativeamericanindianssbe.forsyth.wikispaces.net/Cherokee+and+Creeks+Unit

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