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Chloe and Phoebe's Prezi

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lib hist

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of Chloe and Phoebe's Prezi

4 Medal
Honor Recipients
By: Chloe Bosche and Phoebe Funai
Similarities and Difference
Dr. Mary Walker
Dr. Mary Walker is the only woman to receive
the Medal Of Honor. She was courageous
because she fought against the Confederates in
the Civil War and provided medical care to
wounded soldiers. The government told her she
was not allowed to join the army because she
was a woman. She insisted and volunteered anyway. It was unheard of for a woman to
serve in any military position during this
time. She is credited with saving numerous
lives during the war.
William Carpenter
William Carpenter was a Marine in the
Gulf War and he fought in Afghanistan. He received the Medal of Honor for protecting fellow Marines from a grenade attack.
He picked up the grenade before it could explode and kill over 20 Marines. The
grenade did explode, severely wounding
Carpenter. He saved numerous
Marines and innocent residents.
Francis S. Currey
Francis Sherman is a former United
States Army soldier. He received the Medal
of Honor on August 17, 1945 for his
actions in World War ll. He was awarded
the medal for exposing himself several
times to hostile fire attacks by the Germans
and he rescued five of his fellow comrades.
He also was an automatic rifleman
who defending a strong point near
Malmedy, Belguim.

Charles S. Coolidge

Charles H. Coolidge served in the
United States Army during World War ll.
He received the Medal of Honor in July of
1945 for taking command of his group
and showing conspicuous leadership
during an enemy attack that lasted for
four days.
What are some similarities between these Medal of Honor recipients?
Some simiilarities between these recipiants are they all showed leadership and courage in some way during the time they were serving. They risked their lives to save other people. They put others needs before their own.
What are some differences between these Medal of Honor recipients?
Some differences between these Medal of Honor recipients are they all had different titles and jobs during the time they served. Another difference between them is the location of the act of heroism. The time periods were different too.
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