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Monday April 24th, 2017

No description

William Barber

on 24 April 2017

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Transcript of Monday April 24th, 2017

Monday April 24th, 2017
M: Grab your notebook and in your seat.
V: Level of 0
P: Watch this video. Then answer the following trivia question.

What shape did Kepler realize that planets moved around the sun.

A: Circles
B: Spheres
C: Ellipses
D: Squares
Johannes Kepler
Who is He?
What did he do?
1st Law-The path of the planets about the sun is elliptical in shape, with the center of the sun being located at one focus. (The Law of Ellipses)
Explaining through...
Work Period
Why does the moon orbit around the Earth Reading:
Complete for grade.

Step 5
Starting at 2:00
What is an Ellipse?
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