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Everardo's Prezi

No description

Castroville PC Lab

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Everardo's Prezi

Everardo's prezi
In many ways Rome and Brazil are alike.On the other hand,'' Rome and Brazil don't have a lot in common.The economic,political, and social involves there lives.
Romes social
In social problems for the people were hard. The wealthy and powerful people in Rome ignored the problems of the poor. The economics of it was worst. With out senators, gone,the senators had little power.
On the other hand,Brazil political, social, and economic problems were almost the same. The summer olympics are held every four year in a different city. However,memories of what happen in Rio during the building,to the cup terrify some Brazil lands. The people worries most are those who live in poor community.
Alike and different
That is how Rome and Brazil are alike. There alike because of suffering with people. And they are different because they are from different places and one of them is about slavery .
In Romes political problems were that they did nothing for the army .They also didn't do nothing to the common people who fell deeper and deeper into dept . For that'' little opportunity to take part in the government. And that is how Rome is also like political.
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